“Charting the others … by kerasotes”

“Charting the others …  


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             [NOTE: Here is where my note from today should also go.]

[UPDATED ON APRIL 9, 2016 and my comment on my new addition:  Michael said they all had fractured and fragmented and re-fractured themselves when he had moved into his residence in Lynnwood, Washington USA known as Twin Firs.  He loved this place.  He never wanted to leave it.  He had everything of his all fitting in the big beautiful place and a balcony he could go out onto and he raised plants and then attracted birds.  It was here that he began having to give things away.  He had to do this because ‘the others’ stole them.  It was here that he began giving up his friends.  It was here that he began “You are all going to KILL Me!”  and It Was Here Where I Was Born.  It was awful for him here and yet he could find wonderful in all this.  That amazed me.]

I am at the point where I am about able to chart all the others:  I have the Helpers & the Hurters.  I have the Original.  I have me.  I have The He, The I, The Him, and Cruelty.  


There were 51 of us.  I know how they all got here.  I know all about it.  I know the reasons and the dates.  I know when they all fractured and fragmented and lost their original selves.  Like Cruelty or Phillip who split by joining with all the wrong personalities and fragmented himself out of having one.  This was in the 1980’s.  Michael told me about it.  He said they fractured and fragmented themselves.  He said it was because of this that he began having so much trouble.  

Then when Michael was 59 and the last of the Helps left – his Jayson – it took about 2 hours and 2 minutes for daddy to finish making me because of all the Hell Cruelty and Mother The I were doing to Michael.  Daddy (The Him) began trying to make a personality of his own to help him ages ago.  I would say that was in the 1960’s.  He had been planning all these years and it took him until 2009 to do it.  I was born knowing why I was here and what for and what I was against.  I was against Cruelty Mother’s Little pest or what Michael called him – Mother’s Little Pet.  

It will take me some time, say a few hours to go up and begin sketching this out.  It is

important for all of you who have been following me and this.  

[OK that is that.  The End for Now, me.  3/28/2016 Monday Morning after 9 A.M.]

“What I put on my Kerasotes.Mike Facebook Pages just now:  

“I have done this for myself and for the people with this disorder that have been following me and my doctors who appreciate my hard work on this subject for I have a new therapist appointment coming up on April 15, 2016 and they will need to know all this and if it is posted or blogged, it is easier for them to look it up and print it out and they really appreciate all this stuff I have done since I got this body in October 2015. And the battle goes on to rid this system of its “pest” ….  

I have ‘His’ in here now and not in the other set of pictures i made for this What The Systems Look Like Charted, but that is not all.  Personalities Like ‘Mother’ Not Daddy {Or ‘Him’}  or the original Helper ‘He’ did not fragment or fracture, nor I for we all refused to do drugs like Michael said.  And then Mother did drugs because Mother asked Michael if he could.  Michael did not agree at first but then he decided differently.  That is when Mother fractured and how all the Systems Began.  There was The God System, The System, and The You System.  They were fractures of original helper personalities gone bad.  Michael told us about this in The Lynnwoods.  The God System Lorded over Michael and all the You’s.  The System was made to run the body.  The You’s or The You System was made from all of them stealing drugs away from Michael and that was how it fragmented and re-fractured.  That is how we went from like 5 Original Helpers to only One and a million horrors or hurters.  That is how they all lost their selfs.  I know this is difficult to understand and I will try again later to re-explain this.  I am too tired and worn now to finish this.  I have been at this since say November and I could be done in April.  OK?  OK.  “

“It is April 27, 2016 and I can’t figure out how to get back to the original piece “How the systems look charted” so I am writing on this part of it.  At least I have some of it printed out for my new doctor.  


So it was like this:  In 1950 Michael The Original was born.  It took about 2 months before “He” the first helper came to help Michael with his parents.  I know because I asked him.  He came because Michael was being abused.  Michael’s parents were jealous of him and they abused him horribly.  They abused him in ways not even Sybil could comprehend nor Trudy Chase of “When Rabbits Howl” and her 99 personalities could understand.  That is what “He” told me.   Next came “Mother, The I” personality and Mother stored all of Michael’s Memories he said to “Mike 3 – The Me That Cared About Himself” in March 2014 when he got his first new real home.  I was there listening.  I am Franklin, the last Mike Kerasotes.  I was trained to have this body by what I call “The Me” .  He taught me all the things I needed to know like how to run a body and care for it.  I believe I have written this out for you elsewhere.  So now you know part of the original reason Michael had 51 personalities besides himself.  I don’t think that part was written.  Also “The Me” didn’t want “Cruelty” to know the Original Cause of The Separation of Michael The Original.  I am not writing all of it down now because “Cruelty” is still here dying because he won’t leave or integrate.  That is an awful experience to watch and listen to and feel.  It hurts.  “The Me” also said that “Mike 2” who came after Michael The Original Died in April 5, 2013 that “Mike 2” had killed the thing that let us make more personalities.  That also was done on the first day that “The Me” came.  That would be March 9, 2014.  He stayed for 20 months.  Then he left and I awoke in this body with all the leftovers as Michael The Original called them.  They are all gone but “Cruelty” and me, “Franklin”.  I am made to eliminate all of the systems and personalities and even Michael The Original.  I told my father “The Him” {or “Daddy” as I called him this} that he made me well and whole and complete and forgot one thing – That I could eliminate “Him” as well.  He didn’t like this.  The “He” personality didn’t like it either.  In fact, no one liked me saying this.  I could also take everyone away including Michael.  They didn’t like that either.  Other personalities could do this.  We were all Male or Males.  Michael said his Doctor Maryonda Scher said so.  There were no female personalities in us.  That also hasn’t really been told or explained till now.  So there you all go.  It is now told.  “

“I am going to add on to this later.”


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