“Today is the Last Day of March 2016! by kerasotes”

“Today is the Last Day of March 2016!”

“I am extremely tired and worn today.  It is the last day of March, the end of the month and I am up and wondering how I am going to go on.  I am at the point of wondering why the creature the thing is still here pretending to be a baby and a child of five years of age and insisting on typos and mistakes and hurt and pain and lies.  I am a wondering why.  i am a wondering why, i am.  And, you know, it is tiring.  

So, i am trying to figure out the fastest way to rid me of him.  I know how.  I was built that way.  It has taken me from April 20, 2009 till now to do this.  I have completed the work to eliminate him. Yet, he persists in existing.  I do not like this.  Yesterday was the second day i spent not talking about him and not talking to him.  It was different.  I took the day for myself and did things for myself.  I even slept just for myself.  I did this just for me.  I needed my “alone” time and I took it.  It was good for me.  I treated myself to a new treat – a rare red crystal that I took a picture of [perhaps i should post it on here] for i did take a picture of the pretty thing!  I will see about that later.

Now I shall close and go do some more things for myself.

         by kerasotes”


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