“today i redid my wiki page!” by kerasotes

today i redid my wiki page!

“Today I redid my Wikipedia Page.  

It is entitled “George Kerasotes”  !  

I will put what i added on here so you can see what i did.  

I did it because they are important and the wiki people had told me that my pictures took up too many gigabytes & memory and so some of the good photos that had been approved got removed.  

It is okay.  

I think I should have put up “thumbnails” of them on the page so that when you “click” on them or the link you can see the photo bigger.  

Some of them have famous people in them.  Marlene Deitrich is in one of them.  My father liked that one.  

I took pictures of them ages ago and found them last year and put them up and they approved them.  

Now they are all in their “Commons“.  

I put them there inorder to put them up or on my page “Wikipedia ‘George Kerasotes’ Page” or article or story about me, my family, and my father.  There is a picture of me; there is a picture of my father; there is a picture of my grandfather; there is a picture of my mother; and, there is a picture of my brother.  There is even a picture of my great uncle.  It is cool.  

So, i wrote a note to them today saying that they should thumbnails of the photographs that are missing now.  I wrote them several edit notes about it.  My notes or edits are still up so they must be thinking and approving my words.  Good.  How Nice!  I like that about them.  They and I have worked together for years and years and we have this understanding and they put my edits or ideas up or to practice or in practice and the result is wonderful, good, and we all like it.  They leave my edit or little note up sothat if people wanted to see photos of my father’s favorite awards, they should go to wiki’s “Commons” and look up my name, Michael Kerasotes, or my father’s, George Kerasotes, as they are listed in both and that the note i just put up should remain on my page.  

I like what i wrote.  It took me 7 years to do this.  Now, i think i’m done.  I may have a few corrections or things to add in but it is a life’s work we all agreed one december day back in 2009 and so it goes.  But, i think i am done.  I have printed it out.  Not today’s edit but all the good stuff and i bought frames today to put it up on the wall with all the other wonderful things that i have done.  I’ve done a lot of things over the years and i am proud of them.  So, i framed them.  I have yet to frame this wiki page. I have been waiting a long time to do so.  NOW I AM DONE WAITING.  I have the frames.  I have the pages printed out in color. I will frame them later, and then, I am done.  

I thought I would write about it and write i did.  

here is what i added:



George Kerasotes


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gus Kerasotes “” {{ on the left and on his left, is his brother, Louis Kerasotes }}“” in the projection room of the Strand Theatre that he built in Springfield Illinois {photo circa 1933 curtesy of my friend Mr. Robert Sunshine of The International Film Journal magazine.} 



George Kerasotes (March 27, 1911 – March 15, 2001) was an American theatre owner and former head of Theatre Owners of America.During his time with Kerasotes Theatres, he helped to bring the operation from three local theaters to 550 Midwestern theatres.


[NB: Note, the rest of the article lies inbetween the above and below.]



Kerasotes won such awards as the Will Rogers Outstanding Service Award in 1981 and the Variety Golden Heart Award in 1964. “Please Go to Wiki Commons for the photographs of the awards George Kerasotes received that were his favorites. Search, “George Kerasotes” or “Michael Kerasotes” in The Commons for Photographs taken by his son Michael Kerasotes.” “”


the link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Kerasotes


by kerasotes


Today April 2, 2016 by 1:30 P.M., I had redone my wiki page.  

I added to my grandfather’s picture of the Simplex Hand Cranked Projection Machine this:  Gus Kerasotes is on the left and on his left is his brother, Louis Kerasotes in the projection room of the Strand Theatre that he built in Springfield Illinois

Then I put in the Culver Photograph this:  George Gus Kerasotes with his two sons, Robert & Michael.

I left the quotes around what I want them to approve alone in the “AWARDS” Section.  That’s what I did today and then I copied them out at the Library foolishly paying 50 cents for one page and a dime for the other for now this version looks better and I would rather frame them than what I have.  me  


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