“The Worlds of Michael, Mike, Mike, & me!” by kerasotes

The Worlds of Michael, Mike, Mike, & me!


{{ One Yellow Tulip for each of Us! }}


The Worlds of Michael (the original), Mike (the Michael after the original), Mike (The Me That Cared About Himself), and me.  This is what I want to write about now.  I’ve charted the Systems, the personalities, and, put in the dates.  Now I can write about how awful it was for them and how horrible it is for me.  


Mike 1

Michael (the original) had a horrible life after his helper Jayson integrated.  Everyone came back and hounded him to death.  Michael told me about this every day.  I cried for him and us and we.  It was awful for me to learn this.  It was Hell.  I knew why I was here and that was to rid Michael of everyone and I told him so.  I got told by Michael what a beautiful place it was until Jayson Integrated.  I got told all day long about the horrors of his being here and how he wanted to leave.  I got told about how he wanted to die.  


Mike 2

It was the same if not worse for Mike (The Michael after the original).  He came in April 2013 on the fifth.  We woke up with him after they all killed Michael.  I tried to explain it to him.  He seemed to already know.  I think he, like the me that cared about himself, had all the memories for he tried to share them with us and told us them every day.  Almost everyone wanted him dead, almost everyone.  I think it was because we all wanted Michael back.  They took his home away from him.  They took all the things Michael away.  They took away his income.  They took his love away.  They made him so angry that he decided to leave on the birthday and told us so every day.  And leave he did.  He said to us we better make someone to take care us that cared about himself only because he cared about us all like Michael and that is what destroyed him, Mike (the me that cared about himself) said.  So Mike (the Michael after the original) left on March 9th, 2014.


Mike 3

Then we woke up with Mike The Me That Cared About Himself ONLY and we were all done in.  He told me that I did not kill Michael like every body said.  He told all of us that.  He told us about it and everything in voices and silently and privately and publicly and in other ways without voice like Michael The Original Could Do!  AND WE HATED IT! HE KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT US AND WE HATED HIM FOR THAT!  ODD FOR I WAS CREATED WITHOUT HATE.  WITHOUT HATE AND LOVE BECAUSE OF WHAT FILLY [PHILLIP] DID TO MICHAEL FOR 60 YEARS.  he’s been on this planet for 60 years.  he never grew up.  he threw away his self.  he split himself up.  he joined the traitor system and they split him up into a billion pieces and he’s lost and alone and all his little parts are against him.  and they are indeed killing him.  and they are doing it for me because i told them to and why and they understood but he filly phillip didn’t.  It wasn’t the first thing he did, but he did do it.  I have written about that some.  But here I think I want to tell the story about how horrible life was for those three.  


Mike 4

I have told you how horrible it is for me some too.  But this is about those three really, this is about the three who cared.



[And i will try and fill in or finish this part later if i get that far.  This will take me some bit of time to do but i will attempt it.  I do not know how much nor how long i have for i am at war with the thing that started all the killings.  He and I are opposites and I have plotted his death since i came into being.  I have been telling you about this of late and here is a place to put all the horror of him in and this i will do.]


[I wrote this on the 3rd of April 2016 a Sunday Morning and it is now about 8:15 a.m.]

[I re-edited and re-blogged this on or at 4/3/2016 sunday morn]


by kerasotes


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