“Pollination and bugs, i saw a mosquito pollinate and sip nectar … !” by kerasotes

Pollination and bugs, i saw a mosquito pollinate and sip nectar … !

Today and i said out loud to us me and my opposite that all bugs now pollinate since we lost our bees years ago.  I have photos of the new green bottle bee on the lilac breeding out of the dead lands Mister Poet T.S. Eliot of “The Wastelands” and i think maybe mosquito’s pollinated before we had bees.  ALL BUGS POLLINATE.  IS THAT WHY WE HERE IN THIS SNOHOMISH COUNTY STATE OF WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BREED PONDS OF MOSQUITOES IN THIS EVERETT CITY AREA WHERE I LIVE. HOW OLD ARE BEES?  ARE OR AREN’T MOSQUITO’S  OLDER THAN BEES.  


So for my discovery that i have been noting for years on here and now have new photographs of the new green bottle fly bee male drone or queen pollinating lilacs here at my home at Broadway Plaza on my Kerasotes.Mike Pages { go look } and i’d like my discovery and observation and theory and Nobelded, Patented and trademarked copyrighted and registered with the united states patent office in hopes that they will register my discovery and let me have the precious patent.  And then they say, these are the words to write or speak out loud to some one so here: ‘Nobel’ that.  ‘Patent’ that. ‘Trademark, Copyright & Register’ that and then tell the Nobel Prize People you want to nominate me for this brilliant discovery and i do have film and proof sirs because the Nobel’s told me once ago that i could not nominate myself.  you have to be nominated.  darn.  

So Everybody Nominate for The Nobel Prize in Pollination for 2016 — Please!  

Thank you so much for this.  


Kind regards,




Mike Kerasotes


3017 Lombard Avenue 603W

Everett, WA 98201 USA

(425) 422-5339




Please Write, Email, Call – {{[ my voice mail is full ]}} – me anything regarding this please.


 by     kerasotes


(Written on April 8th, 2016, Friday Morning 8:51 A.M., Now, by me)


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