“I had a wonderful experience yesterday!” by kerasotes

yesterday i had a wonderful experience! i wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt out as it was warm and i had shaved and looked nice. It was about 5 o’clock p.m. and i went off to the Goodwill Store to see if I could get a pot i need. i saw Shirley our receptionist at FMS outside, recognized her and said ‘hello’. We talked and talked and talked. it was fun. it was fabulous. THEN OUT OF THE BLUE Miss Morgan of HASCO drove by and honked and yelled out of her window – Hello Michael, I told you I would see you again! and that was wonderful. she looked so beautiful. it was so nice. i told Shirley. i said we’d talked yesterday for about an hour and that she’d told me stuff about co-pays and how my new one would help us fight my rent increase next year and how i needed to talk to Chuck my payee her boss about it. i said that next friday i had my important intake at the pier next to Anthony’s Restaurant and that afterwards i was having the Hopelink Taxi take me there afterwards at 2 p.m. She said they were only open from 11 till 2. Different hours next friday. She said to call Chuck and ask if he could see me and i said i would. i then thought i could email him a note about it and i told her and i did that after i got home. It was a wonderful experience getting to see her outside the office. No one around but us. No one. No work to do. Nothing but fun and fun things to talk about and she told me tales i never heard nor expected to believe. And this thing she told me did me in: she said Chuck respected me! She said that. She went on to explain that i didn’t blame him for giving me money or little money or anything. That i was different than the ‘mental cases’ that they help. I asked for things ahead of time I told her and it was alright with me if he said no. I explained things and she did and it marveled me. She told me of her and his experiences with cancers and i said that ever since i found out i was going to die from all those awful cancers that i got from eating bad ice cream and how they had been there for me and helped me every day and time i talked with them and that was wonderful too. We Had Fun Talking! I enjoyed it. She enjoyed it. We enjoyed it.

I went in and found a pair of size 30 red short by Hollister and a plain white t-shirt for 99 cents and one plain 30% off red t-shirt to go with them and that made me happy even though i can’t wear them right now or today for it has gone cold again here. i also found a couple of pairs of cables for the new new dvd/vhs player i got the other day for 30% off that works fabulous as mine had broken and this Magnavox one was only 8.99 on sale. it is cool and works neat. now i can separate my two sets of TV’s and put one in the bedroom or den or study and have movies or tapes in there. how nice. they were only 88 or 99 cents. i got it all for about eight bucks.

So that was my wonderful day and experience and I thought I’d write about it here for myself. Maybe you all will find it enjoyable and interesting too.

Kind regards,


Posted on April 9, 2016 Saturday Morning, 8:37 a.m


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