“”I was attacked by a jealous thing…” by kerasotes”

“”I was attacked by a jealous thing…” by kerasotes”  

“It happened last evening about a quarter to six o’clock!  I was outside smoking my cigarette and it came across the street saying things I could not hear nor understand.   I complimented it on it’s picture on Facebook posted by a friend.  It went off at me and punched me with double fists in the chest.  Awful.  It then threatened my life and went on in a long explanation of how it was to be.  I was frightened.  I was upset.  I was outraged.  I was mad.  

I came in and the man who sits at the table by the elevator and I talked about it.  He said to call the police and report it.  I went up.  My neighbor down the hall asked me what was wrong and I told him and he told me to yes, call 911.  So, I did.  

They were nice.  I explained everything and they said they had to report it and send an officer out.  I guess the officer went upstairs first since they asked me where it was that attacked me.  One officer knocked on my door and I opened it to see two of them.  I don’t think they were very happy about it and it seemed as if it was all my fault.  For after all I had approached the thing and started talking to it.  They told me to avoid contact with him.  If anything further went on, I was to go to court and report it.  There are restraining orders and no contact orders that they explained nicely to me if anything further like this happened.  Then they left.

I found out later downstairs that I was wrong and that was just their way.  The thing was jealous of me and my friendship and had gone off at me in insanity.  They knew the thing and my caretaker said I was a nice man and not unkind and the thing barged through ignoring me and smiling with a happy face on and a happy attitude as if nothing were wrong as he left the premises.  We talked more and the “jealous” part came up from the first man that had helped me and told me to report it.  

I went back upstairs and refusing to eat or take pills because Michael had said not to do things like that when angry.  I followed his rules.  It worked.  

I went to bed after that after taking my nighttime meds.  

I had a horrible night sleeping and disturbed upon awakening and in an awful pain.  So I took my meds and had my morning movement three times and thanks to the stool softeners I didn’t bleed too much.  I made coffee.  I watched some of “Fiddler on the Roof” and went out to smoke.  

I just came down after a couple of coffees for another cigarette and decided to write about it here on my page on WordPress.com.  

                                                          The End.  “


2 thoughts on ““”I was attacked by a jealous thing…” by kerasotes”

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  2. Dear Bill, I think the incident is over. I think my friend left our building. I saw it removing a wooden piece of furniture he must have given her and he scowled at me. In order to avoid contact, I turned about and walked away. I have not seen my friend for over a month. He paid her rent. He bought her food, groceries and and cigarettes. I know she didn’t care for him sexually and as a friend and preferred me to him. She said he was jealous of me and she would rather travel the world 🌍 with me than him even though I was gay. She found me attractive and sexually appealing, she said. I was done in. We talked about it for an hour. She was upset and I tried to help her with her issues regarding him, me, and the sexual part. We liked each other so much that it was an easy and hard talk. He came back – this was before he attacked me outside – and got upset I was there so I left as he had come to take her and her grandchildren out to dinner.

    Anyway my friend isn’t around anymore and I miss her. I can’t talk to or with her because of him and the incident. Awful.

    So there Bill, some more on this for you, Sir.

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