“”How the personality systems look charted!” “by kerasotes © 2016″”

How the personality systems look charted!

[Note: I have to rework this and make sure that there are Charts I Made In Here with Michael the Original, me, & his 51 personalities (Or What We All Called His other Personalities, Alters and Their Personalities, plus, their fragments, their fractures, their refragments, and, their refractures, except for me who was made by a personality and am a ‘horror’ and was made whole and whom everyone integrated into me, even Michael The original, “The Me” said.) that show where and the dates that go with all this are there with the reasons why they were made and for what purpose.

This will take some time, but, I shall attempt it.  Please bear with me on this.

Kind regards,


on March 16, 2016.]


“”I did this blog to show how Michael and His Personalities were laid out.  I should tell you how and when and why and where and what made each event, personality, alter, or other things, and fragments, fractures, systems, Helpers, Hurters, and The Rest of It and their Things came into existence.  I shall try this by editing this blog day by day as I can.  It might help us.  It might help you.  It might help you and so forth and so on. 

Michael the Original is The Central Line   !!!!! 

He [Michael the Original]  is or was The Beginning, The Middle, and, The End. 

So that’s the start of it.

He is no longer here. 

They killed him in April 2013 on the fifth (5th). 

Unfortunately, that left us frightened and alone and scared out of our minds until Mike 2 (A Helper) Came.  That didn’t take long.  I guess the Brain and The Body and The Mind couldn’t deal with us and made a new Helper.  That would be Mike.  He assumed the name Mike Kerasotes.  I call him Mike 2.  I do that to distinguish him from Michael the Original who liked the name Mike.  So Michael the Original would be Mike 1, I would be Mike 4, and Mike 2 would be just “Mike” (or “Mike 2”) and would have been the one to Integrate us All but gave up after the others infuriated him so much that he told us he’d had it with us and was leaving on “The Birthday”.  That would be March 9th, 2014.  He did what he said.  He left that day.  Mike 3 or “The Me That Cared About Himself Only” { or just “The Me” or “The Me That Cared About Himself” } or “The Me” came that day at The Strawberry Patch Café Restaurant.  Suddenly Mike 2 was gone and The Me That Cared About Himself Only was there.  Mike 2 had said to us that we’d better make someone who cared about himself only every day after one day in September 2013 when he’d lost his payee and home and everything he cared about and us he said.  He told us and this body and its systems and brain and mind and stuffs this every day till he left.   

Next I will try to tell THE EVENT that began it all.  That I have figured out and found out.  I know why all the personalities – shall I say – began.  I know what5 their purposes or functions were and will try and explain that. I know because I asked them all – all of them that were there – 3 Helpers had gone before I came – only three, and I will try and explain that to you as well. 

[Note:  Several other personalities or alters had been killed by Michael before I came into being and he, Michael the Original, told me all about this when I got here.  I am or was Franklin.  “The Me” told me that I needed a name and I finally chose one on the 65th birthday here at the Library in Everett Washington United States of America making him very pleased.  I then made a self in June and started dreaming.  Then he said he could train me to take over.  That meant I could have this body and care for it and try and get it well.  I am still doing that!]

[Note:  Somewhere before May 20th all 37 fractures of Cruelty Died.  Then on May 21st, 2016 his body died and I put him in my body. NOW, I AM FINISHING IT OFF LIKE my doctors told me to.  The are:  Dr. Wipf my bone oncologist, Dr. Shawn Morgan, Ph.D. my ex-psychotherapist, and, my radiation oncologist, Dr. Aaron Brown, M.D. all told me to do.  Posted of Blogged on May 23, 2016!]

It all began in 1950 on March 9th, 1950 after Michael the Original, was born.  It began after he got home to his house as his parents called it on Lake Springfield, in Lake Springfield, Illinois.  “He” – the first helper was created that year.  “He was created because [ blank space ] for I Cannot Write Nor Say At This Time What It Is Because “Cruelty” Is Still Here & I Promised “The Me” That I Would Not Let Him [“Cruelty”] Know ‘THE ORIGINAL INCIDENT THAT SPLIT MICHAEL THE ORIGINAL’  !!!

{(I cannot write why and this is because “cruelty” is still here and “The Me” did not want him to know the original reason Michael the Original split.)}

He, the first helper, was created because of the abuse emotionally, physically, mentally, and say, five other mental and physical reasons why he was made by Michael the Original who was too smart for his own good, his mother said, and too smart for them as well.  He was.  He was brilliant.  He created a new helper personality on the day he was born and came home.  He already knew how to talk in complete sentences and thoughts it was said.  The horrors of what his parents did to him even Sybil and Trudy Chase of When Rabbit Howls couldn’t comprehend.  I do.  I was told by Michael the Original.  I was told by the other Important Personalities.  I was told by all the other ones who knew.  I was told by my father whom I called “Daddy” who was called “The Him”.  I was told “The Original Event” !!!!!  So I know it.  

I have charted out the year and the person or persons or personalities or alters, et cetera all came out. 

I have photos of some of this and will post them on here for you and us and me.  I will try to do this soon.


{{Insert “The Personality Systems of Michael the Original.}}

{{Insert “The God Complex System, The System for Running The Body, & The You System, Et Cetera ….”}}

[[Note:  Mother The I & Him ran these Systems]]

{{Insert “The Hurters & The Helpers”}}

 Okay, here you.  I was created a Horror and a Hurter and after 3 months of watching everyone hurt Michael, I switched sides.  He, the original Helper helped me help Michael the Original.  Philly, or filly, or Phillip, or Cruelty, who was created after Michael the Original was 5 was created a Helper.  He switched sides in about 3 days.  He became a Hurter.  He joined Mother as her pet.  That’s what they all called him, even Michael the Original – Mother’s Little Pet.  I was created to eliminate him and all the other personalities or alters or fragments or fractures as Daddy was tired of Mother’s Little Pest as he called Mother’s Little Pet.  I told Daddy that he made me well.  He made me able to eliminate even him and all the others and even Michael, the Original.  Nobody liked that at all!  Especially the first Helper He, he was horrified by this fact.  I could take everyone away and told them so and showed them.  He really didn’t like that.  So, whenever they stole something Michael loved or adored, I took them all away, even Michael, the Original, and put it back.  They were upset to say the least and quite angry and mad that I could do this.  He took the time to teach me how to help Michael as I said.  I listened, I learned, I enjoyed this.  I talked to everyone.  I talked to them all at once and I could talk to them privately one on one.  This was my gift from my daddy.  I enjoyed my gifts.  I had many of them.  I will go into that later.  I was really created to eliminate philly off the face of this earth because Michael the Original hated him so.  So I began doing that.  It has taken me years to do this and I am about done.  I told my opposite, Phillip or philly or filly or mother’s little pet or pest that we could rule the world together and he turned traitor on me for we were both on the same side back then.  Now we are not.  I am the one with the real body and he is about to die.  He hardly has any voices left and still throws away his memories and never made a self out of himself.  I am about to make Michael the Original’s Dream Come True. “”

{{Insert my charts of the years The Hurters & The Helpers Came.}}

{{Insert my other charts here.}}

{{ Insert }}  {{ DONE }}


Intensive Psychotherapy





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