“”CRUELTY’S MOMENT OF BIRTH!” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

“” “CRUELTY’S MOMENT OF BIRTH!”         “(c) 2016 by kerasotes “”

“”What I wanted to write was about my day with my enemy as it calls itself now. He can’t make voices on his own now. He has to be prompted and prompted to guide him to his child voice when he was with Michael the Original saving his life from Marge & George Michael the Original’s Adopted Parents. It was not in Springfield or at The Lake It was In New York At the Waldorf. The Waldorf of all places Michael’s best friend Mrs. Waldorf was there but not at the table. It was at the table in Her Room when she had Michael’s Parents expelled from her place because of what the staff had reported to her about what they had done to Michael.  They’d abandoned him and then tried to sexually abuse him and she let them have it!

“It was about this:  Michael’s Parents were About To Attack Him Sexually for excluding them from her Private Party for Her 500 – The Blue Book 500 ! They are those who were the most richest and most lavish and most outrageous folks Mrs. Astor of Thee Astors said. He and I Mean My Enemy was there immediately upon having been Made by Michael in order to SAVE HIS LIFE!

“This will continue later …………………………..””



“This is now later.  Michael’s parents had just returned from a trip with his little brother and they were in their suite and decided to attack Michael sexually.  They tried to raped him and abuse him and that day is tomorrow, Memorial Day.  I thought that since it is near the end, I would write this bit about it.  Michael’s mother and father were fought off by Phillip (or Cruelty as Michael Called Him because he turned TRAITOR a few days later and decided to not help or protect Michael anymore but to punish him for the rest of his life.  He’s the one who ordered Michael’s Death.  So, now you and I and us and we and he know.) who did his job of PROTECTING Michael and then left.  

“He returned to torture Michael all of his life and he is what drove everyone good away and is the death of all that is good and that is where I am in my story of what happened and why I am here battling the remains of the idiot who still wants to kill Michael and anything else he can get his hands or little paws on.  He will have been on his planet for 61 years tomorrow Memorial Day and still is acting like a child trying to hurt and blame and guilt everyone and everything for what it did, what it has done, and for what it never continued doing or to do – Protect Michael & Then Integrate!  Pitiful and Disgusting!

me, “The Last Mike Kerasotes“”

“”5/28//2016 “”


“”5/30//2016 Saturday Afternoon“”  

“”It has now reached the point where Cruelty cannot leave nor integrate.  There is not enough of him to do so.  It takes a lot of energy to stay in and out of this body of mine and he does not have enough to continue to run or exist.  I found and figured that out this past night or morning while he slept.  I stated it to him and myself even though I do not talk to the creature anymore for there is nothing ther really to talk to.  He is not a person or a personality or an alter or a fragment but a fracture that re-fractured and is not all there so to speak.  There is no way to help this fact.  I have tried.  I cannot sustain his existence any more nor any longer.  I do not know how much longer nor what time he will cease to exist.  That is beyond me.  But, I do know that he or it cannot exist much more much longer or at all!  He cannot ‘Voice’ and that is great.  “Voicing’ or ‘Voice’ is making words and when you hear people say they hear ‘voices’ that is what that is or means.  He cannot finish his voices nor his thoughts nor his words.  I believe he will cease to exist tomorrow.  That is my prediction.  Then, the time will come that I will be the only one here and no others can come for any reason for “The Mike that Came After Michael The Original Died” took care of that before he left “The Me That Cared About Himself Only” said and he never lied.  He told us that first thing the moment he arrived on March 9, 2014!  Isn’t that Perfect! I thought this the most wonderful piece of information and news since Michael said he was leaving because they were killing him and told me to carry on and be him!   That is my story for the day.  I will continue writing on here and that is that for now.  me.”” “” ________________________________________________________________

Well,     his birthday came and went and it was a miserable day for him and me.  I see that he has his voices back, not all but the worst ones – the children’s voices of I’m innocent, i never did anything wrong, i am a child, i never grew up and the others.  I started talking to him again just to help but it was of no avail.  He just got meaner and more cruel.  I don’t know what to do any more.  I want to leave.  I want to die.  I want to NOT BE HERE period.  His persistence in not integrating nor leaving to be well has disgusted me to the point it makes me want to vomit.  So that’s where I am.  5/31//2016 __________________________________________________________________


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