“”after the dilemma … .” “by kerasotes””

it is after the dilemma and i’ve lost more in these past two days than ever before.  me.  Hell Itself has lost to the enemy – the other – that thing called cruelty – Phillip!  i’ve lost.  i’ve lost time.  so has he.  awful.  i searched his mind not memories like ‘the me’ could but i could always be in other peoples minds – other people cause that’s what the original michael called them  –  people. 

well, we have lost time.  i’ve filled it in.  i’ve silenced the thing basically and has it listening to it self – for i made one for him it to reside in since this body that he says gave itself to me cause he and the others didn’t have parts or enough parts to run it – the body and he was right.


any way, i have lost.  i have no love of this.  i understand this completely and i know that when i make it type here and bitch and moan and hurt here it is its punishment for killing michael and that’s what it is still doing to my things, the me’s things, and it’s things.  pitiful.  i think it is just pitiful and you know how much i who have no love – you know – “Hell Itself”  who was in all your minds as was created without a childhood and one of the last and the only ‘horror’ created.  it was that it took “My Daddy” The Him 50 years to make me.  I said to that, I put myself back there like Paul of Dune and am constantly in your mind destroying you and now it is just a matter of days.  days.


i picked june the 20th for that was the day i came or more perfectly darling more perfectly it would be on the 20th i arrived here – a horror – created because 50 million personalities were killing him [Michael the Original or just michael].  and daddy made me to get rid of all that and cruelty.  For Cruelty (Phillip) is the worst thing to be stuck here. And even after 6 months or more alone with him, i’m sick of it.  i am.  i was sick of it the first (1st) day that  was enough for me.  i never imagined 8 years of horror with the idiot – so it breaks my beautiful gwen glass and hits me and this body and bloodied it and i take the paper towel and nail it to the wall and show it later what it did in its rage and anger and stupid cognitive errors for she thinks wrong and that’s what cognitive errors are   – wrong thinking – wrong judgments – wrong – it is just wrong and you learned it from the parents who made you to protect michael from them only you turned and became enamored of marge and hated michael.  you traitor.


i gonna get you [ cruelty ] just for that.


me, no philip, nor franklin, but, The Last Mike Kerasotes and my doctor told me that it looked like last week i’d never had cancer and isn’t that amazing!  boy did that make me happy.


i’m gonna win.  i just may win today. for i’ve had it with you, phillip, i have, me.  

You did this because I wanted to leave – not be here with you any more –


              SO I’M GONNA GET YOU FOR  THIS

                                     –   I AM  –   


                                                    I AM GOING TO KILL YOU FOR IT PERIOD 


{June 18, 2016 Saturday.  no more books or how to help you -it is back to all out war as you say – you idiot, you.  cruelty died.  i’ve got you know babe.  and death is painful like you didn’t want.}


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