“”my causes …. ” “kerasotes (c) 2016″”

My causes are what keep me alive.  They keep me me.  That’s certain.  I know that.  They all knew that.  I was in all their minds you know.  Awful for them.  I know. And now that 8 years have past and all that i’m left with is this mindless brainless fool or idiot as Michael would say.  You know, it.  Cruelty is its name.  He is not one of my causes.  My causes are things like Landmarking, and Michael Things.  Like he landmarked all of downtown Springfield where he and his parents and grand parents lived with Lincoln.  That’s Abraham Lincoln our 16th President.  Michael loved him.  We adored him.  Michael’s family is buried next to him.  Amazing isn’t it.  I think so.  One of my causes is to get Michael into his plot in a box whole the way he wanted to be with his jewelry on.   At least what’s left since i made a museum of it like michael did downtown springfield and that included Michael’s grandfather’s buidling The Kerasotes Building in Springfield Illinois out of terra cotta and in 1909 and is now in the historic landmarked registry  (*see ** Wikipedia.org “George Kerasotes” and view it all *)and a museum and a park – some 17 buildings he did just with his grandfather’s building. * * * * * * So i win the battle and today am in a good mood. it is awful to report that i am not winning but hurting here in this world with it punishing it for that’s what it wants.  i don’t.  so i get bored.  i do causes but i am tired of causes. i raised millions for culver academies culver indiana for ever and got michaels rock collection being built in a display and won’t be ready till autumn.  summer is tomorrow.  gads .  causes have kept me alive.  i am one of my causes.  i made a me out of me and a self out of me and and i out of that me or and that self and i began to dream and was then left this body to cure it of what nobody wanted but me and he gave it to me and my doctor last wednesday told me that it looked like i’ve never had cancer.  isn’t that amazing.  isn’t that amazing.  yes, folks it is.  but causes won’t keep you alive.  will does that.  everyone knew in the beginning when i got there that I could take out everybody. Even Michael.  So I was what was to be left.  I listened to Michael and that’s why I am still here.  This thing didn’t and is anti-Michael and we are at war life and death war over it and i am winning and it hates it.  it does hobbits, its hates it.   me


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