“”what’s on my mind!” “by kerasotes””

“”what’s on my mind!” “by kerasotes””  what’s on my mind is living.  it is my battle that wearies me.  i tire of life.  that is my cause that my dilemma lead me into.   I must get out of it.  I will.  Wish me luck, it says, well, go ahead since the me that cared about himself told us that this Mike said and that is Mike 2.  He said they he and Michael forgot to use ‘everything’ and ‘everywhere'” and this would be a part of that, i say. me.

so my dilemma has become my cause to live and fight this thing to the end and I Win.  

We all knew I’d win.  Well, that’s just in a matter of time now for everything and everywhere are now just him and that kind put an ends to a means and all doesn’t it.  Michael’s 2 opposites can’t exist in the same territory and the thing did say that Michael’s body chose me over it and them and well, he is my sworn opposite.  i loved the battle but tire of it now.  I tire of the cat – cruelty.  


so, i will win this last battle for life for my self and for me alone.  not for Michael for he isn’t here and i can’t do that one for him, but I can Do It for Me and For Me/ I Alone!  


Right Judy?     


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