“””Death! by kerasotes”” “(c) 2016 by me”””

”                                                                   “Death!”  

                                                                    by kerasotes

                                                                                                                                (c) 2016 by me  

      “I am at the point where all else has not failed yet and this thing is overloading its brain and blacking out and not remembering and i am.  it has broken my things and itself and bled on purpose.  It is its Cognitive Error Way Of Thinking.  This is from my Trauma coping with dissociative disorder etc.,   There are like 11 ways of wrong thinking.  This thing does not use them all.  Whatever it thinks, it is wrong cognitively.  That means in its Understanding it has tied all its learning processes thinking processes speaking and walking and talking and in voices and now has added incorrectly or in a cognitive thinking way or pattern hurt.  Hurt!  

                                        IT WILL NOW HURT ITSELF ON PURPOSE !


          “I am powerless to stop it.  I am admitting that i am failing.  I am dying like i wanted.  I didn’t make it like i wanted on the 20th of June and am still here being punished by the thing.  i am.  i am being punished by the brain like Michael SAID!  It is the worst thing it can do – punish me.  I am its only friend and hope and help.  I CANNOT HELP IT ANYMORE FOR IT WILL HURT ME FOR IT.  Can you imagine that.  I have photos.  I am no longer posting them as they use up too much gigabyte data.  If it can be done on Wifi Only, I will post them.  Go look on Facebook under “Kerasotes.Mike”  and you can read what i post there.  This place is different.   I post specifically about my other personality that doesn’t belong to me for i was made way after he was created out from under his rock like Michael said once upon a time.  {i put that in for humor}  I post on here the truth and the most difficult parts for Michael’s Friends.  They seem to understand.  You people are better at it and i thank you for it.   Thank you.

              “I write here about DEATH .  It is imminent.  The brain is being overloaded.  The brain is failing.  It prefers the enemy and its way of thinking over me who do not cognitive error myself into pain.  how dumb.  So I write Death is Coming.  I want it.  I want it like all the others before me.  I am getting it.  It is processing so many mistakes for that is what cognitive errors are – mistatkes – like that mistatkse3s.  and it added another.  that means this brain prefers to continue hurting  itself above all else.  

                     “THAT’S WHY WE ALL WANTED TO DIE OR TO LEAVE!   ALL OF US!  THIS DID NOT!  DSO THAT’S WHERE I AM.  AT DEATH.  HE AND I TALK.  HE COMES TO ME IN DREAMS AND HE COMES TO TALK ABOUT DEATH.  I WILL NOW RELEASE THIS PIECE OF INFO FROM ME TO ME AND TO YOU .   That way the idiot can see that it no longer is present all the time and has black outs and its brain is dying.  It is failing to shit me, to piss me, to hurt me, and to kill me.  

                         “I am beating it at its game as we all did.  

                                                                   ”    ha  ha  ha  ha   ha   “



“I WIN.  I DIE.  You are Death’s dreaded enemy and now his to play with  and i hope it hurts bad, not good, Michael, I do.    me.     “”

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