“”Where I am and don’t want to be.” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

”           I  go to my new therapist tomorrow.  We talked today.  He is my new therapist.  I cannot write his name on here he said, so, I have edited it out as promised.  He hasn’t told me I can’t write on here about him yet.  I am going to tell him how the original split and be done with the story.   Then, Michael it will be done.  It will be on a record at Sunrise and your story known.  

”             I am blacking out and so is it and we both are falling and losing consciousness which is from the battling all day long I didn’t tell my nurse practitioner but I did tell her my dilemma about wanting to leave and how I battle with that.  She says to go ahead and kill the thing cruelty.  I will try once more today.  Then I will give up and keep trying to leave myself.  It has damaged the brain and re-broken the ribs and I hurt and can manage the pain.  I don’t know if it re-broke the hip or not but it could be.  All because I tried to help it correct its cognitive errors and thinking folks is the reason it gave for breaking its head on the floor and the corners of my home. 

                    Now you know.  I told my nurse practitioner about it and the falling and showed her some of the wounds and told her  part of the story and why I couldn’t tell her the rest.  I think I might be able to tell Eric.

                      He asked me to bring the book.  You know the book:  “Coping with trauma of dissociation”  that book.  I will tell him about the 53 personalities or alters and their fragments and their fractures and their re-fragments and their re-fractures and how it is down to just the two of us.  me and the one that killed the original, cruelty.  Maybe he’ll read this and then go find the linked pages on Charting The System and Stuffs.

I told him he’d gotten email’s or messages about it and he said to bring it.  

I will.  

If I Live That Long!  

I don’t want to.

So that’s where I am.  “



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