“”Part four” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

” Part four is this:


I just talked with my old friend and employee of the county (snohomish) and i think she works at the jail. any way, she said to ask the county executive about the new Carnegie Library (i want it Land-marked please) that is to become the new home for prisoners who get out and need a place to live to start again with a new life free of crime and drugs. it has Pella Glass Windows – Marjorie’s Michael’ Mother you know) favorite windows. triple pained and double insulated glass windows. 30,000 dollars for her family room alone in the 1990’s she bragged to Michael one day to his disgust and delight. This new place is fabulous and i am all for it. so if my friend running for congress and going to win Michael Michael Lapointe. I am to talk to the County Executive next week as ordered about it and report back to you. ALSO BETH of BABES AND BIKERS who just waved and honked at me from one of those fancy red mustangs i like and ordered me to come to her new store on Broadway tomorrow. I have to she said. I asked her for green arrow plether since i couldn’t have the flash’s red leather jacket and red leather pants she wanted me to have and showed her my new leather bomber jacket she adored and i cant wait for that. Anyway, I am feeling better now, much better. I should post this on my WordPress.com pages and i guess i will. have fun folks and have a wonderful summer weekend. me :)’s
It is from my Kerasotes.Mike Facebook Pages on June 24, 2016 at 6 30 something P.M. my time.  bye.  me.  :)’s
PS:  May I have the Pulitzer Prize for Literature for my writing on here Sirs, Please?  Thank you.    m
I wrote them on Facebook – them being The Pulitzer Prize People’s and asked if I could have the Pulitzer Prize in Literature for my writings on here folks.   How about that?

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