“”HER” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””


HER is what is left of Cruelty.  He became a her once Doctor Maryonda Scher’s Receptionist thought there were female personalities here in Michael’s System of Personalities and Alters.  I believe it was way afterwards.  He stopped seeing her in 2000, June.  That is when the thing called Cruelty began persecuting Michael to its fullest extent.  Michael was unhappy all his personalities didn’t integrate while he saw her and she had decided to quit therapy and retire leaving him without a specialist who could help him Integrate all his personalities.  They wiped out all his memories and would surplant them with false or corrupt memories.  Other personalities stole his memories and they stole memories from each other.   Mother the I was said to hold all of Michael’s memories (how cruel) for when he got well.  Awful I thought.  So sometime between Index, Snohomish, and, Lynnwood before the Holly Village Cruelty became HER. 

During these years and especially in Snohomish Her re-fragmented or re-fractured and began throwing away $40,000 first edition OZ Books because Michael wanted to sell them to have money and have a home of his own.  I had forgotten about Snohomish.  I wasn’t around then.  There were lots of drugs there and this thing Cruelty became greedy for them.   He threw Michael’s Life Away then.  He kept at it.  He called himself a she and pretended with his other parts to be a female personality.  This personality was Michael’s Mother and Michael’s Sister.  Both real people and impossible for the thing to be.  Michael explained this to me in Lynnwood when I got here.

HER was out to destroy Michael and everyone although he couldn’t because his original self was destroyed by the splits in his personality and then in his system.  This drove Mother the I nuts and she started in manipulating him and calling him her pet.  Daddy The Him was Mother’s cohort and they could do things that would boggle your minds.  He the original helper began to give up.  There was one other Helper left and he was Jayson.  Sometimes Daddy The Him would help Michael when it was to his advantage (and i think that was the way with them all except cruelty or her).  Her is out to destroy everyone and leave herself in this body to twitch chew talk in voices and grind its jaw in a dead world without being able to talk eat or function or walk. 

That is what I am up against.  

Of  course HER or Cruelty split into 37 different fragments and fractures of personality.  His original self died, and, not all of him is left.  What is left is this: 

There are about 4 parts of HER Left.  One part is almost destroyed completely and that is his “Meanness”  there was first his “Cruelty”  that I have almost wiped out.  There was his “Kindness” which he abandoned when he turned traitor from a helper to a hurter sometime after the first incidents with him protecting Michael from his Mother and Father’s sick sexual molestations of the kid after he was 5 years old.  There is some Kindness left but it is used to nag.  I have saved some of the good parts of that piece of him or HER.  There is the fourth part “Intelligence” which impressed me so much when I came here I asked him if he wanted to rule the world with me.  He denied and turned on me for it.  He or HER uses his intelligence to hate and kill with love.   That is now so corrupt with cognitive errors that it no longer functions.  This I have tried to repair and have now quit. 


That’s why I say (like Michael did) that THEM – the brain and the mind – are against me and making Cruelty or HER kill me and this body like they did every one else.


That’s it for the day.  I can’t believe I got this typed out without too many errors.  me

Sunday June 26th, 2016 at 9:10 A.M.

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