“”Her & Them!” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

“”Her & Them!”  Her is Cruelty; Them are The Brain and Mind of this Body!   I am at war with these things.  This has been the battle ever since I arrived April 20, 2009 at 10:32 A.M.  I was built to rid the Systems of them and Michael for Daddy or The Him.  I have not been able to and have quit.  I am watching them WAR amongst Themselves.  It is pitiful.  Michael once said that Them were the worst part of the system.  He was not quite right I said.  The combination of them and her are the CRUELEST part of the systems.  The systems were made my Mother The I and Daddy The Him to run Michael.  They did it to protect themselves and keep themselves alive they told me the first moment of my existence.  I agree.  

I thought my new therapist should know the things I am up against since he is proficient in Dissociation.  Now he knows.  And, I am done with this writing until I see him again if I survive Them & Her!   me 


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