“”THEM” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

THEM  Them are the Mind and the Brain.  These two things perpetuate the horror of the alter without a personality.  No matter what I do to eliminate (and I have) it brings parts of it back.  They are not complete.  It cannot make a new personality nor an alter nor a fragment nor a fracture of one.  They are simply a mess of cognitive errors.  They have no pleasures; no funs; no enjoyments; no likes; no dislikes; just pain.  They exist to what?   I’d like to know. 

There is no point in my continuing my existence here with these things at me continually abusing me.  For example, I took myself out for a nice dinner like my payee told me to do and it punished me for it.  How Horrible!  Disgusting would be a better word.  I cannot live in a world that it would create for me and tries to.  It cannot think for me.  It cannot know what I think for I was made outside of it by a smarter personality than any other, my Daddy, The Him.  He made me.  He made me complete.  I don’t need to integrate. 

And Therein Lies The Dilemma!


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