“”I found out my therapist doesn’t do dissociation.” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

I found out my new therapist doesn’t do dissociation.  What a disappointment!  That leaves me dead.  My dilemma is now worse, if fact, the worst.  I called to dismiss him today politely.  The receptionist will send me the papers by mail to do so.

The brain and the mind and the cruelty are fucked.  So am I.  It will drop me unconscious now on the floor and obey their signals over mine.  I am a dead man.  This is my only and most difficult disappointment!  I am done in.

The voices are back after i got rid of them meaning that the brain is accepting its or cruelty’s 61 years of horror in preference of being well.  Sick!   I have quit trying to help it since I just get punished for  it.  Pathetic!

I think this will now be my last entry.  I have no desire to write anymore.  Not on here, not on Google, not on Facebook.

So, Good Bye Dear WordPress, Dear Google, Dear Facebook.

I am done.


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