“”I want to be committed …” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

I want to be committed to the psych ward of Providence Hospital because Cruelty or Phillip will not let me sleep.  I have called my payee and my old case manager and my psychiatric nurse and asked if they could help me.   I want it done tomorrow.   I am tired of passing out standing up because the thing cruelty sends too many signals to the brain because I want something like a cup of tea.  He’s damaged my rib cage and throat and lungs and brain – and I should say ours since he’s killed his body as I wrote you before.  I am blacking out and going unconscious from the pain and horror of it all.  

I have a few things to do in the morning like going to the Mall to get my watch fixed because he broke it again today.  I have to mail off the money order to get Michael’s SIU or Southern Illinois University of Carbondale Illinois because cruelty or phillip threw it away.  

I have tried to integrate him but he refuses.  Because I read out of the coping book he dropped me to the floor over the past two or three weeks and broken and bleed me too many times.  Once because the doctor told me it looked like I never had cancer.  Once because I went out to eat.  The rest because I tried to help him with his cognitive errors.  

I have the Listeria diseases 1 plus three plus 88 to see if I can survive them.  I have the bone and bladder and hip cancers to fight yet.  

I don’t know if I can make it so I want to be committed ….  

Wish me luck!


Thank you so very much for letting me write this.

Kindest of regards from the depths of me that hurt so very much,



The Fourth of July 2016 Monday Eve


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