“”My Thank You Letter Plus to Culver Academies…” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

This was my response to Culver Academies for that last and latest update and thank you letter I posted yesterday ….

“July 11, 2016

Dear Mr. Mayo, Thank you for this! I also want to thank you for your latest letter to me that I just got in my mail today, sir. I went to Attic Treasures and my friend pinned a copy of it to her wall in her store: Attic Treasures. I found some of the rarest things in her boss Rhonda’s shop and thought they all would like to know and see one of the beautiful things I got from you and Culver and my friend was so thrilled to read that letter you sent me that I got in the real mail today! So, I wrote a little note in pencil for them all with my thanks and she surprised me by pinning on their wall so all could see. I am going to go and get a frame and frame it like I did your other beautiful real letter to me that I cherish – The one where you wrote: “Mike — what you have done is superb!” I told her I sent her boss, my friend Rhonda, that one but I think her email is full. Her son has a terrible disease and he is young like 16 or so and it was about to be his birthday that week and I got to meet him while I was in Radiation. His mother Rhonda owns the shop and she’s the one that did me in with “You mean you are going to give this train away without keeping it?” I said yes. I want it for Culver. They have two of mine that me and my brother used to run on our tracks on the table my father bought for us from somewhere and we blew up all our trains with M80’s and Cherry Bombs and had a world of fun doing it. In Illinois when your father owns all the movie theatres in town and especially the drive where on the fourth of july you can have a firework show that everyone in town loves to come to see for like a dollar per carload. That was way back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. So we’d get some and he’d let us blow up our toys with them. What Fun! This 13 car Lionel Train I bartered for and since I wasn’t going to keep it, she left me have it for cheap. I think I don’t know the original price of the train but, she was selling the pretty thing with all that stuff like animals and billboards and the cars and the instructions and switches and stuffs, and, I had to put in a bid for it in order to be able to be on a list for her to consider me as a buyer. So, I believe she listed it at $75.00 in her antique store and I paid $60.00 for it. I do have the receipts if you need them. I also got that meteor there for a dollar. She has priceless things in there and some of the rare rocks and stones I was collecting for you she let me have for a dollar. I have a few tags and such left and you may have them if you need them for your curator, sir. I am feeling a little better today. Tomorrow I meet with my new therapist for the 3rd time and he’s going to try and help me Integrate the last personality who has been trying to kill me ever since I got it down from 52 of them here to just two of us, sir. I think that’s also why I am blacking out and of course the lack of real or good sleep my wonderful Danielle Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner said. I am having a hell of a time integrating the last one. Never before has such horror happened nor occurred until it was just me and him. Anyway, I thought maybe you should know that he’s threatened my life and all my people and doctors and teams of doctors all know about this and you all don’t. Now you do. So on top of the 8 death sentences last year and the daily death sent of after you start the 4th week of radiation, they flip the switch and in 4 you could be turned into dust my techs explained because I asked what that lead lined box over there was and they said that they used it to sweep the wastes of you off into it. Sickening. You are no longer biodegradable but are nuclear waste. That’s why I don’t think I will make it. Chemo was 100% against me. Radiation was 95% until the 4th week – that was in December at Christmas Time, Sir. Did I tell you my regular doctor said in June that it looked like I never had cancers and to keep up whatever I was doing and he patted me on the back and told me “Good Job!” I was pleased. Then all hell broke loose, sir and I began blacking out and falling unconscious to the flood and bloody. So, this new therapist said he could help me protect myself from it {the last personality named Cruelty} and that is what we have been doing since the middle of June and into July. I hope I make it. I am afraid I won’t. Maybe that will help you understand some of the dilemma I am going through and help you to understand that even though my radiation oncologist said he got all the cancer, I and my bone oncologist disagree with him. There is bone cancer, he said. There is arthritic cancers in my feet – two rare kinds. There is now arthritis cancer in my pelvis and hip and it is spurring – he doesn’t know why. There is cancer in my bladder. There is cancer in my left sinuses. And all throughout my pelvic region. They did get the first one they found – prostate. I have gold seeds implanted and tattoos for the lazers and x-rays and true beam lasers to track me on throughout my entire body they explained. And I just don’t feel good. Radiation is a Horror. I’d skip if you ever were offered it. Chemo now they say is a trick that doctors use to get rich. Awful isn’t it? I think so. I’d skip the chemo and I think we all agree but my prostate doctor I never have to see again that you should never do hormones for they make you sicker. Well, thank you so very much Mr Mayo. All of my best and kindest regards, me, Mike 🙂

Then this morning in gmail i got this response from the former director of the culver fund who helped me so much and helped me get them Jim’s Raynier Foundation to grant them money to endow chairs and all – his name is Chet Marshall III —–


Many thanks—remember what they say about chemo and radiation——….”they take you to the brink of death, killing off all the bad stuff, and just when you think they’ve killed you , too, you start the journey back.” You’re at that point! You are on the road back—it’s tough but be strong. Everyone is pulling for you!!!



“Chet Marshall
Advancement, Major Gifts
Valparaiso University
1100 Campus Drive South
Valparaiso, IN 46383
(o) 219 464-5113
(c) 574 210-7764

“Luck is what happens when you’re busy being good…”

–Old Proverb”

and my response to him:

“Oh Chet – Thank you so very much. I am off to therapy today at one to my new therapist who is going to help me protect myself from “the idiot” – he said he could do that. I wrote it all out for him. 3 things to do today. I’ll be glad to let you know how that goes if you wish sir. But thank you none the less for this. I do appreciate your response. You wonderful man. With all my kindest regards, me”


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