TODAY I GOT MY WAY!!!!! My psychiatric nurse doctor got me the pills to work those 3 rotten lousy chemicals get this your pain pleasure reward center in the middle of your tiny little flower of a brain – it’s a plant – your taste buds are plants – Michael said it was Cauliflower and i agree – any way 

dopamine – pleasure from the pain pleasure reward systems center
seratonine – helps you sleep – and i think makes your brain run correctly .  
epinefrine or neroepinephrines (are the same or might be) and they are the drugs your pain pleasure rewards centers trick your brain back into thinking right or cognitively correct and trick it also i believe in emotionally correcting your error ridden brain and other things. and believe me, you have to trick and re-trick your brain to think right when for 66 years idiots have been controlling and that’s how they killed Michael.

my nurse told me i did my homework well. i know my drugs like her and she knows which new pills or drugs to give you even anti-psychotics which will silence the voices and the psychotic thing this whole thing made and i warned it about that long ago and now it knows. and it minds me over it or cruelty. cruelty learned in two days how to fix mistakes. this whole system learns in two days and in two days more it learns to apply what i have been telling it now all these 8 years and believes and understands me and my doctor and my therapist know and understand and i am finally at a point where I am winning and can win and live here alone and beat all these diseases – even the one my new therapist says i have and i agree that this mind and this brain have gone psychotic and this new drug plus the other increase of another maybe seratonin drug will help me kill the damned thing cruelty and i have to wait till friday for the drug. i called my pharmacy and not till friday. i called my nurse and left a message to see if maybe they might get it to me before then. but i can wait. i’m winnning. i did my homework well my nurse said. i learned all those chemicals she knew and i knew weren’t working right in here and now am at a point where everything here and out there with you and my people and doctors and therapists and nurses and others even molina { thank you } are helping me and encourage-ing me and i like it. i can win they say. I GOt AN A ON MY HOME MY NURSE SAID AND I TOLD MY THERAPIST =- -=== HE LIKED IT. I EVEN GOT TO SEE PATRICK GOD BLESS HIM OUR FIRST THERAPIST AFTER WE GOT MOVED IN TO HOYT AND HEWITT AND TOLD HIM I COMMENDED HIM TO HIS BOSS LYNN WHOM HE DIDN’T KNOW NOR KNEW HE HAD AND TOLD HIM I HAD TO TELL HER PERSONALLY HOW WONDERFUL HE WAS AND HOW GRATEFUL I WAS TO HAVE HAD HIM AND WHAT A WONDERFUL JOB HE DID FOR AFTER ALL HE GOT ME MY NEW THERAPIST AND I GOT TO KEEP MY PSYCHIATRIC NURSE PRACTIONER I LIKED WHO FIGURED OUT FOR ME BY TODAY THE DRUG I NEEDED AND THE EXTRA AMOUNT OF THE OTHER DRUG THAT HELPED ME [ THANK YOU PAT CLARKE – MICHAEL’S HALF SISTER WHO TAKES IT ] SHUT UP ITS VOICES. NEAT.

SO THERE YOU ARE A GOOD REPORT ON A GOOD UPDATE ON ME YOU FOLKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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