“”Dear Kevin, As you know Michael had other personalities … ” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

A Note to Kevin Lambert and all:

Dear Kevin, As you know Michael had other personalities. I believe you met 3 of them and of course Michael. Michael the Original had some 53 other personalities. All of them (except me) killed him years ago. That would be April 4 & 5 2013 about a month after his 63rd birthday. He wanted to leave. It was hard to watch. He hated his life and missed his friends like you. I am like Michael. Michael gave me permission to carry on as him. I am in intense therapy to rid myself of the horror personality that Ordered Michael’s Death. In April 2009 on April 20th at 10:32 a.m. , I came. I came because they were all trying to kill Michael. I won. He lived. I saved him. He began to wish he wasn’t here anymore and we (He {Michael} & I) talked about it. We worked together for a way for him to leave. I don’t know if you knew his friend Dr. Maryonda Scher head of Neurology Harbor view Seattle. She set up a scenario of “Worst Possible Outcomes” it was tied to a book by Trudy Chase, you may want to read, and called “When Rabbit Howells” ! Trudy went into comma at age 2 and never came back. The others took care of her. These didn’t. They wanted to be here with NO MICHAEL! I REBELLED. Michael told me all about you, Richard, Josh and David and all his other friends. You four were priceless to him. That’s what hurt about the note from Josh. Please tell him to forgive me for including him in a group message – i know he doesn’t like them. I never knew how they worked. And, Yesterday figured out a way to send a select few of you – Michael’s Dearest Friends – a note. He’d have wanted me to. Although I do not have “ALL THE MEMORIES” I have most of Michael’s. Does that help Kevin. I hope so. I am going to post this for the rest of my friends and Michael’s friends on here. Most of them know and have heard from me personally. I apologize if I did not get to you. We were so glad to have you back as a friend. Also David and Josh. Please tell them that. Josh – wonderful person that he is, called me one day from Edmonds and we talked . We talked a lot. He about his art we all didn’t know he did and he and I had a fabulous conversation. Tell him that Marlies & Ritchie the owners and here is their Facebook link 

{link omitted for space reasons}
Wicked Cellars is where you buy wine. Come by and browse our vast selection of imported and local wines and be sure join us for one of our many tastings.
would like to do a show perhaps some day for him.
They are liked booked a year in advance. I’ve shown and told them how wonderful beautiful intense and it is the kind of work she likes. okay. I will leave that up to Josh and her. You may want to tell or remind him to call or visit them in person with a collection of his work. or write or show them on line. I think he would love it. He might make some money. His Art would be up – and wonderful people who buy art could see his stuff. She and He even do openings with music and players and treats to eat and wines to go with it. OKAY. Thank you so more for writing back Kevin, me


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