“”The little magic pill…” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

It works but not all the way.  I am disappointed that it doesn’t completely shut out the voices and stop the psychotic behavior, dear therapist.  Does it take time to work?  If so, how long?  Please as my psychiatric nurse practitioner for i am tired of not being able to sleep and pestered by an idiot that is the last the crazy 53 personalities that killed the original Michael and I did not I was told by the last helper personality that died in late October Last Year Sir. 

Can I take it 3 times a day sir?  Please ask my prescribe-r at Broadway Immediately.

I left you a message.  I am worn out.  I feel awful.  I don’t think I’ll last till August 15th, 2016.  He’s trying to keep me awake so I don’t get sleep and he’s crazy and an idiot as you know or I hope you know sir. 


July 24, 2016 8 AM Sunday Morn


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