“”WHAT YOU DID TO MICHAEL.” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes

WHAT YOU DID TO MICHAEL.”  Is’s all about what you all did to Michael [The Original] !  You all killed him.  I’m here because you tried on the day his Jayson left.  That was April 20, 2009 when Jayson thought it safe enough to leave and integrate and Michael would become whole.

We got this every day from Michael or you all did.  For in March of 2014 on the ninth, I was exonerated from The Murder Of Michael.  It was a thought out pre-planned thing.  I was there and watched.  I watched crying.  

It’s all about what you did to Michael came from “the Me” – he came on March 9, 2014.  Mike has just finished his breakfast with his friend Sarah.  He had warned us he was leaving this day for about seven month.  Then every day for 20 or so months we got “It’s about what you did to Michael 24/7 hours a day.  I had to listen to it even though I did not participate in the murder.  Awful the way “The Me” did it to us.  He did it to them all and to me.  He wanted me to know what they did for I was new like he.  

He told them explicitly what they did every damned day.  He told them in Voices.  He told them Silently.  He told them out loud.  He told them in his other ways.  Awful.

I want to explain this for you all and so Michael’s story gets told.  I am at that point where I can do this looking back over my life and his.  It will take me some time but here is the first of many installments.  I shall try and write about the same amount every day unless I can put it on a removable drive thing and type it here or at the library or anywhere else there is a computer and a chip to insert and record me.  

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