“”I DON’T DREAM ANYMORE !” “Copyright 2016 by kerasotes””

I don’t dream any more.  It is a portent.  Michael  said, “If you don’t dream, you die.”  I know I have been dying since I got here.  Cruelty has made it happen.  He wants nothing but Death.  I wanted Live.  He (Cruelty) expected me to die for him so he could run and have this body to Kill.  That’s all he wanted. And he doesn’t have enough parts to run a body.    

Now you know what I am up against.  A Horror!  I am not one.  Michael made me.  He did.  It has taken me a long time to figure this out because the me always talked to “The YOU”  not me.  So I have found the truth in his words and am grateful.  So there you are world, there you are.

He, Cruelty is dying faster than ever.  He can hardly make voices today.  If I can win this last battle, I will win for ever.   I will be the only complete personality here and Michael’s dream will have come true.

As for the memories, they come ever time you see one of Michael’s friends; a spot he’s been in; a book he’s read;  a TV show he’s seen and I think that is Nancy Fischer’s way of saying the memories are in the body.  Just like Dr. Dean Ishiki, the finest prescription doctor in Seattle.  I’ve met him.  Me and I got to talk to the man one of Michael Favorite Doctors and he helped, he helped greatly that day in 2014 on day in Summer.  He won’t get any from me for Michael is gone and there is no way to Integrate Dr. Scher.   NONE  — The Me was right…. “You Have To Go Away!”

Because I have stopped dreaming, I know that I am dying.  

After all 100 Listeria Snoqualmie Recall Ice Cream {you should never eat it it has a bad bin with the disease in it}  It is deadly.  It gave me 7 more cancers.  It gave me Listeria – what we call the first cancer.  The attorneys on the East Coast said all the cancers came from it = LISTERIA

[[[ About 5,870 results (0.65 seconds)

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]]].  AWFUL !!! There are three first and major diseases – not contagious – One is Krone’s Disease’!  One is Hume’s Disease.  One is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  The there are 7 others.  Then there are a 100 diseases after that.  Bone cancer; sinus cancer.  2 feet cancers; pelvic cancer; bladder cancer; prostate cancer (which I got cured); and the pollen’s are a disease no one knows how to treat.  Then there are the bugs that came in the pollen’s.  Then there are what “The Me” Said – 50 garbage cans of disease.  And the old disease.  I don’t know what that is.  And of course I fell last night out of shock that Cruelty did to me once I got home.  He dropped me on the floor 7 times and there is blood on my clean floor and I’m not going to wash it up.  franklin  8/15/2016 9:05 p.m. Monday on my way to my psychiatric nurse and my new therapist at Sunrise.


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