“”My Disaster… “(c) copyright 2016″”

I went to sunrise only to be told by my last therapist the girl that she remembered nothing of the hour conversation with the ph. d of dissociation and i just left and took the bus home as there was no point in continuing with a set of people who blatantly forgot my treatment plan to diagnose one of their own which a multi personality cannot have – a schizophrenic.  awful.  i said.  you cannot have Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde schizophrenia when you have over 50 personalities, people.  So I am done with them and cancelled all point rest of the days appointments – even the one in Mount lake Terrace especially.  For he’s the one who violated my agreement with them and diagnosed me as a schizophrenic.  and impossibility .  So that is that on my little story to get well folks.  what a horrid example of people who violated my trust and arrangement.  I can’t wait till the Ombuds gets to that !!!!!!!!!


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