“”The Thing tried to hurt me yesterday…” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

“The Thing” tried to hurt me yesterday.  The Thing is what is left of the personality or alter without a personality.  I know it is dying and has been since January this year.  Cruelty is dead.  I can tell.  I thought I ought to put that in here.  The Phillip and the Philip died last month.  Cruelty died this month.  So all that is left is what Michael called “The Thing”  all the rest of him is dead.  And The Thing is dying as well.  He should leave before he dies.  That way I will have a chance at living the life Michael wanted before they all killed him years ago.  He cannot integrate the Mike after Michael died said.  And The Me said so too before he left last October.  So He’s been dying for quite some time for Michael said he was and so were the others for staying too long.  

I hope he dies today or decides to leave now and let me have the chance I was given this body for last October by the Me.  The other part is that in all these falls and losing of my food is his fault and his pain and his dying that is doing it and not me.  I hope that is clear.  

And to let you know that was Wednesday, 17 August 2016.  

I got myself to my bed and tried to rest and blacked out for about 24 hours.

Then I called my nurse and my therapist friend Nancy and they said to call 911 and have them take me to the hospital so I did.  I have been out of the hospital for two days now.

The doctors at the hospital were nice and cat scanned and x-rayed me and let me go.  

I cannot believe there were no broken bones.  But there are none.

Then the other horror of it was passed or blacked out while I was trying to wash my dishes and they all broke.  It was an awful mess but I cleaned it up.  It makes me sick to write this but I am.  There was a bad fall or several on the floor at the sink and I showed that to the 911 people and they understood.  I cleaned it up today and scrubbed all the floors and sinks and stuffs.  I thought you’d like to know that I have re-edited this to reflect all the horrors and things I have been through because The Thing won’t leave and let me have this body alone like it agreed and all agreed to do last year.

I keep getting dizzy, they say that is the badly contused brain and the concussion. 

One more thing, I can now keep my food and liquids in.  I kept my food in yesterday and today so far.  I didn’t eat much for they said to eat small amounts.

I called my doctor and nurse and will call again on Monday.  I’ve left a message about the latest fall with my doctor’s answering service.  They said to call after 11 a.m. on Monday.    

I want my chance to get this body well like we all agreed.  I want my chance.  I have cured it of one cancer or my doctor did and he said I could live with the other ones and the pollens and the other listeria’s  and I want my chance like we all agreed.  

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