“”mistakes…” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

“” sometimes when there are more than one of you in a body, the other one that hates you if you have that, i know most don’t, but i do…. the other types in things and says that they are you and i am not a personality that lies and he is.  we are down to two.  I think he lied about his body being dead.  I think he lied about me being able to kill him, I cannot, maybe the brain can like Michael said but not me.  He also cannot kill but he can hurt and that is awful.  He is the reason everyone left but me.  I got this body well and it is responding now to me and fighting back with me protecting it and didn’t bleed today even though he tried to force 50 shits out of it again and he couldn’t and it is blocking him from being able to make voices like Michael told it to do and I’ve told it how to make him go and how I can go and how I think the Me taught us to make the thing of Phillip leave since he will not go on his own.  It is an ancient thing of his from his original piece before it broke and/or fractured and fragmented from him doing drugs…..   just like Michael said years ago .


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