“”My Awful Day… .” “(c) 2016 by kerasotes””

Well, I spent the night after the long trek to pick up my check and cash it doing things to finish what I started in October 2015. I got the big heavy metal non-stick teflon type pot for boiling spaghetti. I got the second good heavy metal same type pot with a glass and copper top lid. I got a bowl to roll my cigarettes in that got broken during one of his falls. I got new shoes of the flipper type that may be too small and saved the receipt to take them back at the GoodWill. I went to the Library and got 5 movies. One about Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hendren that must be new and it tells about their story. I watched “An Affair to Remember” a movie that we all have watched and loved and saw parts that because of all the people and their voices and their interruptions finally got to see the whole wonderful thing and the little tidbit about the movie and the story behind it and the story behind the stars who got along during the movie and had fun making it. I really liked that movie. I put in “The Girl” the Alfred Hitchcock movie and it will be ready for tomorrow. I got a surprise knock at the door and my friend Sheena’s daughter was there with a hot cooked meal. It was a nice welcome surprise. I asked how her mother was doing and she is walking again. She’s had trouble with her hip and leg – some awful thing that happened long ago and needed new staples and pins to make her be able to walk again. They’ve been awful nice to me and I really appreciated a nice dinner that was hot. I smoked a few cigarettes and chatted with a few people and saw a few things. I miss my walks around this building and its block without one. It was a strange day weather wise. Cold and Heavy Rain this morning – then into the eye of the tornado hurricane thing of Steve Pool’s of ABC Weather. and then it was sunny and cold and not rainy. By the time I got home with all my stuff it was raining again. I’ve had a day. I have been threatened again by Phillip with him terrorizing me and us while we are supposed to be asleep getting good sleep to heal the brain the the other badly contused things from his awful horror of the 20 falls last month and the blood and this time no scars that you can see on the face and body – i don’t know about the head. Anyway, I hurt and feel sad and wonder about things I don’t want to write about and worry people with. I am beat is the phrase Michael would use. I really am. Good Night every one. Good Night. me


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