“”I think I have part of the solution to why I am still bleeding and getting sick folks!” “by kerasotes””

I figured out some of the reasons I had diarrhea so much and corrected that issue or part of it.  It was this:  The Meals on Wheels Program delivers their food to us from 9 o’clock a.m. to 3 o’clock p.m.  I don’t know when they start packing the bags there at their place or origin nor how long that takes but I know the drivers have to do each order by hand by themselves for I have asked and been told by Phil our new driver who volunteered his time and his truck for this wonderful program.  AND THE THING IS THIS:  By the time it arrives to us, the meals thaw out and the drinks get warm.  The bags sweats the moisture and I believe their contents begin to spoil.  It may be due to the fact that it is all frozen – even the drinks like orange juice and pineapple juice and tomato juice and prune juice and apple juice – and they are not frozen and not really cold when they arrive at our homes.  Their trucks are not refrigerated and the people don’t realize this.  Kiki now delivers them in storage containers but the meals are still thawed or partly frozen.  This has taken me since I got out of Radiation trying to figure out why I still bled and got sick.  Sick meaning I didn’t feel good.  I threw up.  I bled.  I had diarrhea.  And those are the same symptoms as what happens when you eat bad food contaminated with Listeria.  I know, I ate foods with it.  Ice Creams from Snoqualmie Falls were contaminated from April through November in 2014.  We were told we ate more than any body.  Back then we didn’t know about Listeria and now we do.  See Snoqualmie Ice Cream Recall pages online PLEASE!  If you think you have the flu and you get sick and have a fever and diarrhea and vomit and get nauseated and lose your food, you are infected and have about a week to get to a hospital to have a test done for it.  After a week or two the bug is out of your system and the hospital cannot detect or find it.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  So I want you to know that I called Meals on Wheels today and told them so.  I asked them to cancel me out of their program and told them the reasons and the whys.  Kayla was nice about it and I hope she reports what I told her.  I did this out of concern not only for myself but for all the other people here who get sick and think they have the flu and don’t know why.  After all, most of us [I believe or I think] get flu shots here and that should take care of the flu and the symptoms of it.  Every year since this body was 50 years old, it has had a flu shot because Michael’s Dr. Yuskaitis told him he needed them and needed them every year.  We all were good about this, even I, and have had them and all the vaccinations you can get on top of that.  So it occurred to me last night or early this morning that this might be the case and the reason why I am still getting sick and have headaches, run a fever, have diarrhea, lose all my food, and bled internally.  It is a nasty disease that gives you three (3) other diseases and then seven (7) other diseases and then 77 or 88 more and cancers of all kinds.  So Beware Folks if you get Meals On Wheels Food from Senior Services for they are not keeping their meals at the right temperature.  Even at the Carl Gipson Senior Center this happens.  The food there comes from Meals on Wheels’ home place down on Airport Road in Everett, Washington USA.  I noticed milk cartons this past and this year that were spoiled and Gina sloughed it of and said that happens all the time or a lot, some little milk containers are just bad.  This also crossed my mind early this morning while I was sitting on the toilet bleeding again.  So I am very worried folks about this and all that.  I hope you all are too.  I am saving my meals and my cans and preserved the contaminated can of pineapple juice although empty this morning for my doctor or the hospital to analyze.  I don’t know when I am going to be able to get to the lab to have the test done or can it wait until I see my Gastroenterology Doctor Special [Dr. Chua] a week from Thursday.  That would be best for me.  But Since This Is Life Threatening to Me, I May Change My Mind and Go To Providence and have the Listeria Test Done again.  I had my flu shot for the year last week so I shouldn’t be feeling sick with the flu.  A lot of people here eat those meals and drink their milk and juices and cannot seem to figure out why they feel sick et cetera and I think I have found the cause having had it before and am fighting for my life every day because of it.  

I will let you know what happens.  I wrote this on October 4, 2016 at about 10 o’clock a.m. Tuesday Morning.

Below are my posts from yesterday that did not get on here.  So I added them today for myself and us and you.

See Below:


As I sit here crying, I am bleeding again internally. It is sad to report that Phillip bled me during my sleep over a pineapple juice. I awoke sometime around 1 a.m. to a mess in my bed I had to clean up and he wouldn’t let me, bleeding me in his learned forced bowel movements and liquid blood and goo came out too many times. I had hoped I had healed- and I had – but he couldn’t stand it and picked up on me during my sleep. I was happy I’d stopped bleeding and he punished me for it. It hurts and is so painful and awful to report this that I cry silently. It went on again for another hour – all liquid blood and black brown liquids. Too awful to continue, so I stop. Franklin at 3:05 a.m. 😦‘s and tears … .


Further Status Report: It was a long long day. I had to walk 100 blocks all the way down to my payee’s many long blocks south of me and back all the way up to the Goodwill where I spent my what I thought was my last 15 bucks on green tag clothes – shirts, pants, and sweatshirt. I think I saved like 100 bucks this time with 2 or 3 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and one top I liked, and, finally a green pretty sweatshirt I needed or wanted. It was only 11.73 dollars and cents. So I like had 3 dollars and change come back to me. Then off to the bank to cash my check. Then down to the pawn shop to pick up the last of my pawned things. Then back home to pick up the 3rd white rabbit jacket from Europe and pay my friend the 40 bucks I promised her for all the coats today. 3 fur coats – one long french rabbit autumn brown and beautiful and full length that was her mother’s from Paris and just my size. Then the hooded fur jacket she said was expensive and too hot for her to wear and new. And one more old white beautiful European White Rabbit beauty of a Jacket that I adore and was honked at and waved at and yelled at finally by a friend whom I don’t know how she recognized me in that thing but she did. I was on my way to KFC for din din and thought I was incognito. I wasn’t alas! Anyway, I have about 200 bucks left over for underwear at Abercrombie & Fitches at the Alderwood Mall that I want and maybe some sweatpants like I got for radiation but I don’t know. I think the undies are 12 bucks and the sweatpants last year this time were 90 bucks. I don’t want to spend that much. Today was $1.79 at the Goodwill Store and I like that. I like buying Perry Ellis Clothes that are brand new and still have the real store price tag and info on them for one buck and 79 cents. Wouldn’t you. So, now I have 3 new fur coats for winter and new mint green slacks and pretty stylish designer label shirts to wear and I had fun doing it. So, Status-wise, I am doing well but tired. I will let you know more tomorrow. Good Night Kids. me. 🙂‘s Sweet Dreams All !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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