“”IN MEMORIUM” “by kerasotes””


Of and for my loss of the personality I most admired and respected, “The Me”!  I am so sorry Me for not remembering that you had passed away a year ago on October 28th, 2015!  It grieves me sadly and horridly that I forgot that day!  It was because I was fighting for my life by the and from the creature that would not ‘go away’!  He’s forgotten as well but reminded me in spite that I had forgotten the anniversary of your passing.  That was the day I awoke in this body that you’d put me in alone without you.  The others and the you were away.  They were out there busily yakking in voices so loud they thought they’d hurt you with not remembering that neither you nor I were bothered by them so.  So I began to cry and cry and cry my little heart out and decided not to speak to them for any reason at all.  I told myself that this day would be spent by me in mourning for you and I spent the whole entire day doing same.  I did.  I cried my heart out and wept so much and felt so bad and lost that I did not think I could make it any more for any reason at all.  There was suddenly no one of intelligence to talk to or be with in here.  I was lost and alone without you.  I was in your home.  It was the place The Lady K and The Lady M had gotten us to die in and you did.  You got your wish to die there.  I was wanting the same.  But I could not go for I had no way to leave.  How could I leave this body to them?  They were not even whole.  They were fractures of the Creature Michael called Cruelty.  I don’t think they even knew that then.  They did later.  I told them so.  So I spent the day and the days after that and the weeks after that and the months after that and the seasons after that crying and missing you so!  

I still do.  

So this is my tribute and my note to you and you alone for all the things you taught me and all the things you did for me even though we were not friends.  I won’t go into why we weren’t for only you and I know that.  I miss you terribly still dear Me, I miss you sadly too.  I always will.  So this is for you.  

With all my kindest regards and respects, your franklin.  I write this on October 4th, 2016 a little past a year of grief and grieving for you Me.  I write this with tears in my heart and not my eyes for I am hurting so for you and for my ignorant forgetfulness in my fight to win and rid myself and this body of its menace – the you.  He’s given himself a name now like you wanted.  I kept on doing what you did and tried to get him to use the ‘i’ and the ‘me’ and not the ‘you’ or ‘she’ or ‘it’ or ‘he’ or ‘they’ or ‘them’ or the plural ‘you’ but he has refused to quit that stuff and thrown your learning and teachings away and he voices all day and night and makes his noises even more and worse now and it only bothers him you know like we said and told to eachother and him and them for all the rest are gone now.  I tried to get him to integrate his parts but he refused and I asked them to leave and they did.  They did it in two parts.  One part left in November during Radiation.  The other part left in December before Christmas during Radiation.  The you would not.  He did later that next year pick out a name for himself.  I tried to help him but he wanted my place and for me to be you and teach and teacher him and train him to have this body.  I told him that was beyond a doubt out of the question and he punished me and him over it for the remainder of my and his days here.  He is dying and dying fast and I hope it is over soon.  I cannot keep curing and rehealing this body after he damages it on purpose every minute of the day.  So I am almost done with him and I thought you should know.  I figured out how to do it and by gosh I am almost done.  It took me a long, long time to do this but thanks to you and mother and the integrated parts of him that he wouldn’t integrate I am almost done.  You see when I told him to integrate the rest of him, all things here changed.  Things you all and even Michael and Mike did not know were made clear to me and I got their memories.  He did not.  It was a shame he did this to himself, it was a blatant shame.  But because of this and that and the things we all told one another about how he could never win against me, I am going to be here alone and soon.  

So dear Me, I close now.  I close missing you and your intelligence and thoughtfulness and kindess to me.  With all due regard and respect, I your Franklin close.


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