“”I asked for help … .” “by kerasotes””

“I asked for help … .”  to get reinstated into the Meals on Wheels Program from Spenser our new helper and social worker person.  He said he would try.

I am so tired I want to go to bed.  I then want to leave so I never have to be in this position again.  The other’s blame and continual accusations and punishments on me and to me have worn me out.  I am still bleeding.  I am still in pain.  I want out of here since he will never leave, do his work, or let me be in this body alone to take care of it. 

I apologize to you all for this for the simple reason it used to be fun to write on here and Facebook and tell you all the wonderful things that I was doing and how nice it was for me and now all I do is complain and this bores me.  That’s why I apologize.  I don’t want to write on here or there anymore. 


“Spencer Our New Helper at The Plaza got us back on Meals on Wheels. Thank you Spencer ! He told me a hour or so ago after I’d posted and smoked. It was a nice thing he did and then off to the store for foods that don’t make me bleed like spaghetti and sauces without seeds and peanut butter creamy style and grape jam and Mike’s friend Mrs Franz’s Big White Bread on sale most of it was and it was around 25 dollars for the purchase leaving me with 75 in the bank on the snap card. Not bad for a week’s worth of groceries these days. So next week I can order my foods for the week. I guess I will still be here as this thing as Michael called it won’t let me leave. I have given it orders that I can only stay if that other thing leaves. Then I will have a chance to finish what I started. Then and only then!” me 10/05//2016 Wednesday Afternoon say 2:10 p.m.


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