“”To Correct An Error!” “by kerasotes””

To Correct An Error!  

The error is this:  Phillip made me think that a year was up in September or on September 28th when “The Me” Died from too much you here and not from me.

The year is up this month on October 28th.  I am so sorry me that this was done incorrectly.  I am failing because of the abuse of the thing that will not let me heal this body no matter what it takes and bleeds it daily over a cigarette, a cup of tea, or to listen to a book on audio CD, or to eat, or to have fun, or to type, or to relax, or to sleep.

Isn’t that awful ?  Isn’t that a shame ?  Isn’t it a Pity Michael that he Phillip is still the same.  Yes, is the answer.

I am so sorry that I am dying and cannot continue my work.  I don’t think I will make it to the doctor on the 13th for I am trying to leave.  I cannot stand the pain.  I cannot stand him.  All he does is criticize and error all day long blaming every body for their ways and never his.  It is always somebody else’s fault for the way that he is!  He has never done anything about it no matter how much therapy or no matter how many others told him this is no way to be.  He has no plans for being here alone.  He says he wants to bury the body and twitch and voice and make mistakes.  Those are his goals.  That and to be continually in pain.  And one more thing – to commit suicide.  Those are not goals – they are Horrors.  That’s why I want to leave and I will spend every moment Daddy and All to accomplish this.  I cannot stay here with a thing that will hurt and punish me 24/7 for being good and doing kind things.  I cannot stand this and cannot tolerate the abuse.  I am bleeding internally from gas that he forces out of me making this body of mine so upset that it cannot digest its food nor relax nor rest nor be at peace 

AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE!  I cannot finish him off as he wants for he wants me to do his work for him and although the doctors said I should do this, I am at a loss. 

I tried to see if I could get us reinstated with Meals on Wheels but I think that a lost cause.  I cannot eat the food because of what he has done to me and this body and that’s why I called them and told them to discontinue me.  He blames it on spoiled food and maybe so do I for I think their process of getting it to us is lame and needs fixing for it takes too long to get here from there and the frozen products deteriorate in the trip and the time it takes to get from Airport Way to Everett and that is over an hour or more or so away and then it is a 6 hour day from 9 to 3 pm for them to deliver the food to all the people in this area.  

So I made phone calls trying to get us back on the list.  I don’t know or think it will work for it was explained to me yesterday by Kayla that that would not be possible once you quit the program.  I thought other people could use the food since I cannot keep it in or down and digest it.  I explained that I am bleeding internally and that I have been through Radiation and did not go on to what Phillip did to thwart all that by persecuting me all day long and never leaving me alone here to do my job.  He is that awful that me that vicious.  He is that cruel.

So there Me I have finished and am trying to finish my audio book.  Your Franklin. 

Posted on October 5th 2016 a Wednesday by me.


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