“”I went to my Specialist and will have an endo/colon oscopy on 28 October 2016″ ” by kerasotes “”

I went to my specialist and he was quite nice. He was a he by the by and kind to me. They lost all my paperwork I filled out in advance so I re did it. I was kinder this time to the other and just said simple things like he doesn’t friend me or this body and is basically against all the time. I was pleased with the new doctor and his staff. I have my appointment for the dreaded endo/colon oscopies and that is on October 28th at 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. I also had a test for Hep C even though I do not use drugs nor shoot them up in an injectble way. I want to be on the safe side. There are new vaccines and I want them all I told them. We went through a list of some of them and I told them I had already had Hep A and Hep B and the Pneumonia One last January 2014. There are new ones – one is a Pneumonia and I don’t know all the others but will find out. Michael’s doctor insisted upon them and that was back in December 1994 and since all of us principles have continued with this, I am. 

It is normal to still be bleeding from the radiation therapies by the way folks. It wasn’t pleasant hearing that but I did get to show the man my photographs and explain them and that went very well. He seemed concerned enough with my explanations and wanted to do more tests. So I will let him.

I can go to this proceedure on the 28th alone if I take HOPELINK there and back and have it at my hospital – Providence in Everett. 

The Hep C test takes a week for the results. Guess what the lab tech told me. I with all this bleeding and after chemo and radiation – I have never seen anyone clot like that so fast before – HOW’S THAT? I think I did very well today and can’t wait for the treats. Tonight we have a special Halloween Movie here at 5 and maybe Pizza. I don’t know. Then we have a Residents Meeting at 7 p.m. and I intend to go.

See you all later. I am tired and exhausted and had my cup of tea.



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