“”The Way Things Are” ” by kerasotes “”

THE WAY THINGS ARE —  is this:  I am alive.  I have good blood.  It clots so quickly it amazes the lab tech at my new doctor’s office – he’s a gastroenterologist and a specialist.  I like him.  He is young.  He is kind.  He is concerned.  And He is nice.  We had a great rapport.  He seemed to understand me and my needs.  That was nice.  We went over everything I was worried about.  We agreed then that the bleeding is one of the things that happens when you have radiation treatments and normal.  That was a relief.  He didn’t ask about the other personality although I know he read it for I watched him read every page and look up at me and go back to reading and look up and ask me questions and listen to me talk and tell him my answers and my questions.  We talked a long time.  I don’t know how long I was there.  I took the bus.  It only cost me a quarter.  I like that.  I no longer take the buses that cost me a buck or a dollar.  That way wherever I go, I am on my own time and clock and not having to be on a strict or particular diet of time depending upon someone else being early, on time, or late.  That is the nice part about it.  This time was great because I got to go to their lab and have blood drawn for a test I wanted.  It was an HEP C TEST.  Since I use bathrooms where IV DRUG USERS go, I want to be sure I don’t get that filthy disease.  Public Restrooms these days are a drug user’s haven.  They really don’t have anywhere else to go.  Although now in Seattle they are creating places for IV Drug Users to do their HEROIN and OTHER DRUGS without having to worry about being busted or arrested for possessing them or using them.  I find this a fascinating idea and a really great thing.  Although I personally do not use drugs, this is something I admire in the political world of Downtown Seattle Washington USA!  It takes a week to get the results.  I can wait.  Now that I know that I am the best clotter {in regards to my blood and the way I or It Clot} in the world, I can relax about the bloods and the bleeding inside of me and my body.  Whew!

The way things are aren’t great but they aren’t that bad anymore.  I can deal with all this because my Cancer Radiation Doctor Told Me I Could.  I will see him in November at Thanksgiving Time.


The way things are with me and the other on the other hand are awful!  Just Filthy Awful.  I can’t seem to get enough sleep and he never does get any.  I can still take him away when I need to.  I can still his voices and stop him from talking thinking and feeling and other things I won’t write about !!!!!  He HATES ME For It!  That is great with me.  This is what is killing him off.  This is what Michael said would kill him eventually.  HATE KILLS – Michael Said and He Ought To Know for IT KILLED HIM !!!!!  OR THEY ALL DID BUT ME.  I as you know was absolved of this horror.  That was March 9th, 2014 Michael’s Birthday.  He’d have been 64.

The way things are aren’t great here with the Storms we are having and tonight is another bad one and Tomorrow’s Storm will be WORSE.  They are from the typhoon’s in the Pacific and probably the left over’s of the Hurricanes in the Atlantic.  I was talking to a man yesterday with a beautiful accent about this.  He said it was from the greenhouse effect.  I agreed.  He said they’d only get worse.  He said North Carolina was underwater enough to come over the hood of the engine and that is awful he said as well.  I agreed.  We talked and talked and talked till the bus came.  I enjoyed this chat.  And while I did, the other went nuts and threw thousands of voices at me with all of his might.  What a waste of time that was for I had already told him when I was speaking to him that I came in here in this world while all of you were trying to kill Michael with billions of voices.  Their very sound was killing Him and Them I decided and told them so.   They didn’t like it and made more.  I took Michael away so he didn’t have to listen to them anymore and was able to do what he wanted to do.  THEY HATED ME FOR THAT.  THE OTHER STILL DOES.  I WAS BORN WITHOUT LOVE AND HATE BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY WERE KILLING MICHAEL WITH AND THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE WITH ME RIGHT NOW AND WILL STAY THAT WAY UNTIL HATE AND LOVE KILL THE OTHER LIKE THEY DID HIM [MICHAEL].

With my kind regards, me, franklin.



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