“”More about Michael, The Original” “by kerasotes””

It is Book Club Day at Noon here. I read my 40 pages the guy told me to do. I didn’t really like the book at first but once I got into it, I did. Now I can’t wait to finish it. The author knows a lot about children who have been abused and he writes about them in this book. His newest one may intrigue me for it is about a set of 4 identical twins that are separated – like they did in Springfield Illinois in the 1950’s for Michael knew a pair of them and that’s what happened way back then. In this new book they are separated but I know not why and it has been 7 years since he’s written a book. In the one I am reading the child has been locked away for 9 years in a boarded up dark room and punished and given meals and develops his own language and that is rather strange. I wonder if this happened to Michael and Robert and that’s where we all get our Primitive Language that we use to talk to one another for there were 56 of us and one of Michael and one of Robert. Michael and Robert talked about this before his brother died and Robert worried that he was a Multiple but Michael didn’t think so. So he put his brother to ease with this when he re-told him the story about himself and finding his real birth mother and family in Las Vegas. I don’t know much more about it for that is in The Memories. Only 2 new personalities had them. The Memories are all of every one of us’s memories and Michael’s. So there. Something for you to think about for multipersonalitied people come only from very severely punished or beaten or the better word is abused. Abused here means Sexually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and two other ways Michael tried to explain to me. Alright. If I get through all this soon, I will tell you the rest. The other personality left is not to know this stuff and wants it very badly for some reason known to me and him but I was told not to tell him all this by the last new personality “The Me”. Okay? Okay! me


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