“”Michael & the Competition over or for His Body” “By kerasotes””

“Michael & the Competition over or for His Body” 

I was pondering over this today and yesterday and I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s what everybody did.  Everybody but me.  I did not compete for His Body.  I think it was to ‘be here’ that “The Others” did this.  They wanted to be here in reality instead of in our imaginary ‘out there world’.  Our world was different.  We were creatures of The Mind.  In our world or place we didn’t have reality we had what we wanted.  I don’t know how to explain this but when you are a personality and not a real human you are or we are different.  There were like 56 of us.  That means that Michael had himself and 56 others.  56 different personalities not 56 different people.  Personalities are not people.  People are different.  They are complete and whole and usually well.  They have feelings ideas and thoughts and things they do and like and don’t like to do.  Personalities have traits.  I think I may be wrong on this for once the original is gone, the new helper becomes a person instead of a personality.  They can come and go as they please and usually in our case they left.  That’s how I got this body.  I am now a person.  It took me years to get this far.  I had my 7th Birthday in 2016.  This really is my 8th year.  It was in 2014 that I got a self and started dreaming.  That was because the 2nd helper after Michael left or died decided not to be here anymore and wanted to leave so he stuck me in this body day after day because he wanted me to learn how to be here all the time.  It was rough.  

Back to competing over this body.  Everybody competed over Michael’s body.  That’s how Michael lost time and lost memories and lost his life.  That’s awful to write about and reflect about and you all don’t really know the whole of it.  I have tried to write about it but have gotten distracted by writing about my self or the others.  So today I wanted to write about how they all stole Michael’s Life Away by competing amongst each other and trying to be here instead of letting Michael have his way, his life, his dream.  I was always mad about this and tried to protect Michael and keep him here.  He always wanted us to be in reality and now I know why.  I will talk about that later for I am tired and worried about next Friday or this coming Friday when I have 6 operations or procedures to stop the internal bleeding in me.  So I will go for now and try and write more about this next time.

With my kindest regards, 



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