“”Today I took care of all my things.” “By kerasotes””

Today I took care of all my things. I made the call to Hopelink to provide the transportation and thanked them again for saving my life. She, the lady, was very nice about it and thanked me back. How Nice! So now I have my ride there and back. I check in at 9:15 a.m. and start at 9:20 a.m. and go through the 6 operations and come out of the sedation and will have time to wake up until 2 p.m. when They come to Get Me. A friend is going with me. She is a new one. She and her husband live here. I barely know them but I like them. She is quite wonderful and nice. She has compassion. Something Michael liked. People with Compassion! I don’t see a lot of that but here I have seen more of it than anywhere I’ve lived. Maybe it is because we are all different. We all have Issues. We all have Problems. We all know about Death. Death comes here almost every day. One month this year we lost 10 people in one month. We have grown used to it. That is amazing. I and the rest of us moved in knowing we were going to die soon. One did. The other ones left. Now it is down to just me and him. I wanted to live and had one doctor save my little life so I could. Now I have another who can save my little life again. I am so grateful. That’s what I am – Grateful.
So today is no food – only liquids. I can have hot tea with honey until 4 p.m. Then it is drink that awful stuff that clears out all the goop in your insides at once and then drink 8 glasses of the other goo that does it even more. Then like 4 a.m. in the morning tomorrow I drink 8 more glasses of it. It doesn’t taste bad. I know. We had it last year and had it in 2013 when Mike took it for our first colonoscopy. That was the famous one where our colon was filmed and placed in or put in the TEXT BOOKS for the WHOLE WORLD. You can tell it is ours by the flakes of Oatmeal in it. They said it was the cleanest colon they’d ever seen. Mike drank Hot Tea and Honey for a week or was it two weeks that he lived on that stuff. It was Pink. They commented on that. How Pink and How Clean His Colon was. They told him they were going to put it in books for their people to study because it was so perfect and so clean and there were no pollups. He was 63 that year. Michael had Gone. This was at Swedish Edmonds in the South of This County on the County Borderline. The next day we went to Right Aide and they had it on the counter. Was it the next day or two days later. We asked if we could see it and they said yes. They said it was the New Book. They’d just gotten it. He told them it was his colon and pointed out the oatmeal and they commented on it and were amazed. They were trying to figure out what that stuff was. He said he’d eaten Oatmeal and Had Tea With Honey for Two Weeks to Clean It Out – His Colon! That was something. We all were amazed. He was delighted to see it in Their Book! That was that. Now it is my turn. Me or The Me That Cared About Himself Only had his last year. He had and endo-colon oscopy for the Listeria Diseases. Then they found the Cancers. That was when we found out that there wasn’t much time to live. Actually it all started the Day Before Christmas the Year Before or December 24th or 23rd when they [Snoqualmie Ice Creams] called. They told us to go to the store and talk to their people and Pharmacy. That was the Everett Washington Broadway QFC! They gave us 2 weeks at the most to live. Then there were more tests and more doctors and more awful results and then The Cancers on Top of All That.
And here I am alive writing about it about two (2) years later. I am used to this now. I don’t know if that is awful or bad, but I am used to it. I am used to the pain and the horror of dying and I am used to winning and fighting and living and proving them wrong.
Now I have another Doctor Who Can Save My Little Life By Stopping The Bleeding In My Whole GI Tract! I Am Excited About It! I Am.
So I don’t think I will be on here anymore today. I don’t want to have to come look here and see if anybody liked this or that or post or put pictures on or read about you all. I will be busy cleaning out my systems so that I can have the bleeding stopped and give myself some more time to live.
That’s all.
With my kindest regards,
your friend, me.

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