“”I found out what it is that gave me ulcers etcetera today!” “By kerasotes””

I found out what it is that gave me ulcers etcetera today!  It was an infection and by biopsying the things in my esophagus they found out what kind and how to treat it.  I have to take two sets of antibiotics and a something that is fiber and take Pepto Bismal in between.  The antibiotics are 4 every 6 hours and the fiber can be taken with them if I eat something.  I am to eat oatmeal and dark leafy lettuces – no ice berg as it is just water she said.  And fruits and nuts and she will send me a list of the high fiber diet I am to be on for 10 days.  Then all the ulcers will be gone and the infection gone and the bleeding will be gone and I will be well like my cancer doctor told me whom I see in two weeks and my family PCP doctor will be happy and so will my new specialist internal medicine doctor and so will I!  Isn’t that nice!  I think so.   So that’s where I am and I am content with this.  I can have no alcohol and no cottage cheese which I took back to the store and traded in on Quaker Oats and picked up twenty dollars for fun food at KFC Tonight for I want to celebrate that I am going to live and be bleeding free and ulcer free in ten days.  I figured out my schedule to take my pills and my bismal and stuffs and I will set my alarms to remind me.  Thank goodness my pill bottles tell me the time since i last took my meds and I don’t have to worry about that.  Then 48 hours after the last day of taking the antibiotics and fiber stuff and bismals, I will be able to have my glass of wine or my champagne cocktail that I have learned to like so very much thanks to Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember which I saw with Michael and then with The Mike and then with The Me and Then By Myself and I like.  It is part of another movie I decided like The Mike did and could do but right now I cannot remember what the name of it is.  I suppose if you Wiki It they will tell you but I do not want to.  And tomorrow night I am going to the new Marriott Courtyard to have that fancy $23 Strip Sirloin Steak Dinner that I want because tomorrow I get paid and I want to go out and have some fun even if it pours down rain.   I don’t mind the rain like everyone here.  I like it.  I like my hair getting wet and disheveled in the wind and the rain on my face and eye lids makes me feel good and happy and I like that.  Do You?  Don’t answer !!!!!!  I don’t need to know.  You can know that I do and that’s that.  I am learning to enjoy life again and today when my new nurse called me I began to feel better.   The new procedures these days is that it takes the doctors and nurses and their staffs 24 to 48 hours to call you back.  I guess it is because they are so busy operating all day long and it takes them that long to schedule themselves a break to talk to their patients and let them know the things they called up and left messages about.  I am also HEP C FREE!  She said you can get it from anywhere!  I thought you should know.  I can have my other blood and lab tests even though i am on these four new meds and I am happy again and feeling much better and liking being here again.  Isn’t that nice!  Don’t answer because you don’t need to you just need to know how I feel and am doing and that is the nice part of it – not all the likes and comments and stuff like that.  Okay?  OK!  I am done for now – perhaps not done for the day.   me


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