“”I am my own Payee!” “by kerasotes””

“I am my own Payee!”  Today I became my own payee!  I got a letter from Social Security this morning and it said to go down to their office.  Last Night I Called About It!  I’m glad I did.  They were nice to me today.  What an odd experience it was for me for us.  In 2013 when The Mike was here we lost all that!  He could have been his own Payee but everybody blew it !!!  The guy there today was the guy who told him he couldn’t be his own payee.  It was because Everybody Lost Their Temper and that ruined it for all of us.  Today the man told me not to yell at them and to hold my temper down in so many words and then he interviewed me and sent me on to the next office to be interviewed more fully more intensely and I was only 4 people behind the people in line in my series of numbers.  They called my name out loud and told me to report to Window 6.  Guess who it was, it was the guy who had been abused by all of us and I was done in for I had said earlier before I went that he didn’t seem to work there anymore because over the past two years of going down there we hadn’t seen him.  Well he explained it all to me and now I get a debit card sent to me in the mail and no more $41 per month Payee Fee.   No One Telling Me I cannot budget my money and I can only have this much this time and these are the reasons why!  

How Nice!  

Me and Phillip were done in.  I was approved.   I was told all I had to do and they gave me a booklet full of things and I was so surprised and happy and I “Yes Sir’d” & “Yes Ma’am’d” every one and was as polite as I could be.  I took all the cards and papers and explained everything to them.  I told them how they’d helped me last February when I lost my food stamps.  I told them thank you.  I said “Yes, Sir”.  I said “Yes, Ma’am” and “No, Sir” and “No, Ma’am” in all the right places.  I sat erect and politely answered the questions and looked attentive and was told that I appeared to be intelligent enough to now be my own payee.  That was the best part.  

So I wanted you to know I Did It!  I Got What I wanted and what a relief.  Many people were and are now happy for me.  They congratulated me on my effort and work and my new accomplishment.  Isn’t that Nice?  Yes, yes, yes, Mister James Joyce, yes it is nice!

With my kind regards,


Franklin for me and Phillip on November 10th, 2016 at 2:05 p.m. no longer daylight savings time and a Thursday.  Thank you, me. 


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