“”I don’t want is more effective than I want!” ” By kerasotes “”

I don’t want to be a multi personality works more effectively repeated every day with the reason why after the demand statement .  Michael’said doctor said to say this and he did this till he tired of it. He was up against over 50 alternate personalities.  I am against 1.

So this demanding statement kills.  It helps me eliminate the other. It works !  I am using it more than Michael.  His doctor must have had a reason to tell him this.  It was after she told him there were only males in his systems and about the Truddi Chase Book.

Since this other refuses to leave, I have to kill him.  If I keep this up I think I can kill him off in much less time now.  Also no other multiple personality system had this. This must have alarmed her so much that she gave Michael two alternatives — one to integrate all and be one or stay multiple.  He chose to be one. They fought him.

59 years into his life and about 15 years after the kids came and him who they were and began integrating , and then say 9 years later when the rest were trying to kill him (after the last kid integrated), I came.  I am the last new one and I am the only one left who can run a body and win.

That’s it for today.

Me, Franklin

11.13.2016 Sunday


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