It is from a tombstone that is read by the child of Judy Garland that she gave up and has found again. They are touring old England and he reads it out loud to her. It is poinant and I find myself drawn to it or towards it. I do not know why. I find in my mind that i adore or like the phrase or statement. The Movie is Michael’s Favorite, The One She Made for Him about His Life At Home With His Parents who never told him where he came from his whole life long! Maybe that’s why it strikes deep within me and makes me cry for him. The Name of the Movie is “I Could Go On Singing” and is her last! I am watching it again today. I am doing this because I am out of movies to watch and this one cheers me up because it has a happy ending. There are so many things in this movie that point to Michael and His Life with His Parents and What They Did To Him. The Hotel she stays in [The Savoy where Michael stayed in 1962]. The kid is 8 years old in this film and that must have been about the time the two of them talked about it and her doing it for him. If you grew up with Michael and knew the abuse he suffered because of his family and parents you might understand me and what I am trying to tell or convey here. I am in a sad sad state today and finally the sun has come out and I must journey on and do the things I planned to do this week even though yesterday I wanted them all done but a few. I won’t tell you what they are for they are unimportant to you and only have meaning and importance to me.
Well that’s it! I want to close and get off here. I want to go out and get out of my mood of depression and worthlessness and deep deep sadness and sorrow.
See you next time. me
{11/17/2016 Thursday Morning about 11 AM}

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