“”What I got done today and my doctor visit and the last pneumonia vaccination, etc.!” “by kerasotes””


Here is what happened. I showed him the pictures of the 6 operations and thanked him for sending me to the specialist and how I love the new high fiber diet to rid me of my ulcers and pain and cancers and how well that went. I discussed my meds and didn’t win for he wants me off of them. Remember he’s the one who said “Take 2 aspirin and don’t call me in the morning!” But I got him to write me my prescriptions and one for the new pneumonia virus vaccination shot #13 for I have had #23 – so that I now have all 36 kinds of vaccinations and viruses of the pneumonia’s covered and never have to worry about getting it ever ever again. Whew! My visit went well. I’m down to 151 pounds on their scale meaning I’m losing weight on my new high fiber diet and that is wonderful. I am glad of that new weight number. He’s going to get me a Psychiatrist of my own just for me. I told him I needed one because the other one won’t integrate or leave and caused me the ulcers and the bleeding in the first place by forcing the shits out of me every morning over a cigarette or a movie or a bus ride or a pot or pan or tv show or movie I might want or a store I might want to go look at just to see what’s there. He said he would. He’s got his nurse working on it. They are very hard to find in this county. I may have to have him get me one in Seattle! That’s where all the good one are. I will have to wait and see.

I went shopping for decaf teas and got them. I got canned dark cherries and canned tart cherries to put in my oatmeal. You don’t have to clean them by washing and draining them and all that. Much Simpler. I like simpler. I do.

I got Maple Sweet Syrup to mix with my Balsamic Vinegar to make my new favorite salad dressing. All I have to do is get the lettuce and fixin’s I want to put in it or them. Salads that is. or is it ARE?

Then I went and looked for one of Michael and Jayson’s five dollar steaks at the Safeway Store where they used to live and found one and bought it. I am having that for dinner. Yum Yum Yum! It is a New York Strip.

And so the battle goes on with the other who is trying to drive me out of my mind. Well, I stuck him in here to type this and to deal with all the mistakes and typos and wrong words and he’s in tears and crying because he can’t stand this fact that I am able to do this to him out of justice for trying to hurt me and my body. Revenge is Revenge and although they say it’s better served cold, I’d Rather Have It Hot!

So with my kind regards all, I think I will stop and rest and go.

Sweet dreams; good night; & have a lovely tomorrow!


PS: And for all the wrong dates on these pages today is the 16th! It is November 2016 and Night time. me


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