“”The Elimination of The Other Has Begun Full Force Now!” “by kerasotes””

“The Elimination of The Other Has Begun Full Force Now!”  

Today is December 5, 2016 and I have begun the final process of eliminating the other from this body brain mind heart soul and spirit [in fact in its entire being]!  It has taken me a long time to have gotten here and now that I am at this point, I can succeed.  He knows now why he has to go.  He know why!  I checked.  I have checked inside his mind like I was made to do.  As you know my father an alternate personality made me as his tool to help him rid himself of the others and stay alive.  What he didn’t realize was that he made me too well or better than he thought.  He made me to be here alone.  We all talked about this the first day or year and then every time from then on that it came up.  So with the tools and skills and things he made me with, I have learned over time the other tools and skills the others possessed and how to use them to eliminate this thing this other to free myself of him.  He is a trap.  He is a detriment.  He is not necessary.  He is useless and purposeless since the reasons he was made are gone.  Michael’s Parents are dead and so is Michael.  Therefore he has no reason to be here.  This fact alone is killing him.   As I said or have said I am using this and things like this to make him do the work he should have done to leave this world he hates so much and not be here in pain and uselessness anymore.   I am succeeding.  I am winning.  I am continuing to get well and survive no matter what like my doctor said I could do and why he wanted to save my little life and did.  

So I have decided to write this done on here for me and you and him.  

I am at the end of this for the day and now.

With my kind regards, me



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