“”I am past my Critical Point! – just thought you’d like to know… .” “by kerasotes”

“I am past my Critical Point! – just thought you’d like to know… .”

I am out of my critical point now – just so you all know! I got out of it all by myself and decided it was worthless to complain about my problems once again and did other things. I had a lot of fun going out and shopping for groceries like tea and sugar and oatmeal and a steak. I smoked a million cigarettes and chatted with lots of people. I gave my best steak bone ever to little Maxwell tonight a T-Bone for he loves people food and I left a lot of the good delicious medium rare and medium meat on it for him. He’s my friend Lisa’s little dog and she is special to me. They are a bit down and out and out of funds and I thought he’d like something tasty to chew on for Christmas and so I delivered much to their surprise just now out of the kindness and thoughtfulness of my heart. To see her and him smile was the most beautiful thing all day! I’ve made someone and her little friend happy and I am pleased I was able to do so.

My worries come from my upcoming doctor visit as you all know. 

I got a note from Culver and several from a new friend with beautiful airplane pictures out the window of mountains and I liked that and them too. He knows people or a person who knew Michael’s gramps as he called him Michael’s Papou (Grandfather in Greek) and said Michael and his Grampa were formidable in the Motion Picture Business and that about just made my day. He has a friend I won’t name who knew Michael Grandfather Gus Kerasotes and evidently Michael too and remembers them with much respect. They are making a new movie and since our meeting and little chat and the way Michael told me how to tell people who needed help or a start or would like a tour of a studio and meet the president to personally give them Michael’s Holiday or Season’s Greetings and thereby asking if they could see a set or film being made or have a tour of the studio or could they perhaps help them with the film or script they are making or writing and so on and so on and so on and these people said ‘quell formidable’ that’s french for how formidable and what a reward that was. Gads. How nice.

I did other things and I must tell you this: i awoke in the middle of the night from a dream where I wanted a smoke and asked if I should just light one {for it is banned to smoke in our apartments here but every one does it but us} and the other say no and so I dressed and went downstairs out in the 32 degrees rains and smoked and was happy for a moment.

My critical point is over. I hope yours is too.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas or Whatever You Do And Celebrate or Don’t This Time of Year Folks!

With my kindest sincerest most wonderful regards,

your little friend, me

Posted on December 12, 2016 at 7:26 P.M. PST my time. f 🙂‘s


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