“”My Battle to End The Other!” “by kerasotes””

“My Battle to End The Other!”    

I just watched “Ender’s Game” with Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield as the kid ! It is a fabulous new movie and I liked it very much. It is about war. They play war on machines. We were attacked by Ants 50 years ago in the future and they are going to come back and wipe us out they say. It is amazing the effects and dialogue and grown-up-ness about it. Little kids who are geniuses who are our only hope to win this war. The like runt snot kid Ender figures it out! I won’t tell you any more but it is so touching at the end, it makes you cry and want to see it again. Try it!

I am also at battle to end this thing with the other to end the body brain mind heart and spirit of this multi-personality thing. I’ve had it with the brat. He is a cheat and no good like Michael said. So I have taken away his chance to leave since he never used it and played it to the hilt and against us all. Now he can’t leave and I’m torturing him like he did me every day this year. His voices have failed and when they come back, I kill them. It is a battle till the death of him. He was supposed to leave me alone to get this body well. He stayed deliberately to make it fail and I am mad as Hell at this. So I am using every trick in my mind and every one every body taught me and I am winning. I will do it. I will. I know. Everyone told me so – even him!

I hope your new year is happy. Mine has been sad so far.

I’m doing my wash to get it over with. I was the first one in today. I have about 15 more minutes for it to dry and then I will be done for the week.

I took myself out to dinner at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and brought it home. I’ve drooled over those crispy apple things they have – 2 for $1.19. With my senior discount as I am 66 years of age and soon to be 67 in March if I make it and the apple things became free. How nice. I ate them first. The nice beautiful kid girl who waits on me there suggested and told me they were great. So I got them this time and I am glad I did. I stuffed myself on 3 pieces of juicy chicken without the tangy sweet sauce I like and ate the biscuit with the mashed potatoes and gravy as it always breaks apart on me and it was good this way. I saved my chocolate chip cookie for today. I ate at KFC because the Buzz Inn no longer is doing their $5.99 dinner and offering dinner at half off and you have to buy a drink (alcohol) and spend $18 for a meal. That is ridiculous is said. So I went to KFC and had a better meal for ten bucks with treats for free. How nice don’t you think.

Thank you all for you new year’s wishes and hopes. I really do and did appreciate it. Thank you all so very much for this for it meant a lot to me.

Other than that, I don’t know what I am doing today “I’m leaving it up in the air” as Michael used to say. That way I can do and or have whatever my little heart desires no matter what it is today! You all have marvelous Monday. Many places are closed today because of the New Year’s Holiday that was yesterday and they are taking today off.

With my kindest regards,

your friend, me

Posted on January 2, 2017 Monday Morning 9:47 a.m. p.s.t my time.


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