“”I found the strength to help another while having the worst time of my life again today !” “By kerasotes””

“I found the strength to help another while having the worst time of my life again today !”

I am having a bad day again today! I battle with the other trying to win. I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted because he decided to hurt me and I decided to stay in a wait until the attacks were over. I wrote in my diary and got it all out. I wrote to my mind and my brain and my body etc telling it thank you for helping me battle him. I thought it deserved it. I wasn’t trying to make it a personality. I was just trying to thank it for helping me.

There was an incident outside where someone screamed “Mike can you help me?” and I wondered if I could. It was a member of the Board of Directors here and she’d gotten her dog leash trapped in a wheel of her little go cart – that’s what I call those hover round things. It was like impossible and I had to think and use a lot of strength but I figured it out and it took a long time but I got the leash unwrapped from around the back wheel. She thanked me but her little dog Abbey had run off and I was so intent and busy trying to unwrap and dislodge the leash that I hadn’t heard the little cute dog run off. I left her to go find it as it is really cold outside and I had no coat on, I’d gone out to smoke. I saw her come back to the building on her machine and asked and she had found her little friend and was happy again. It was a strange feeling helping someone out of the blue when I didn’t think I had the strength or ability to do it. But I did!

Isn’t that something. I was so tired and so worn and so hurt by the other and found the strength inside me and brains in my mind to figure out how to get the deed done. That’s something for me. I was glad I was able to be of help when I didn’t think I could even help myself.

It is amazing in this world of ours when something like this happens so I thought I would write it down and let you know that in my pain and hurt and horror I took myself out of it to help another and was able to.

So that’s my little story for the day. I hope all of you had or have a wonderful day. Maybe tomorrow mine will be better and things will improve. I got to talk to my doctor’s office and schedule an appointment to see what we can do about the Listeria Disease and its 3 other diseases and its 7 others and its 77 others for this has been ignored since they found the 7 cancers caused from eating the bad Ice cream the day before Christmas three years ago this past Christmas. If they can lick that, then I can win. I wrote another friend about another doctor thing and wrote another a thank you for letting me talk to them yesterday for it cheered me up.

With my kind regards,

your friend,


Posted on January 5, 2017 Thursday another sunny day here that is 3 in a row. I think tomorrow it will be sunny and cold again and perhaps in the afternoon I can do the things I wasn’t able to do today because of the other. The End.


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