“”Some Hope for Me!” “By kerasotes””

“Some Hope for Me!”

And some good news: 

My gastroenterologist has found a way to save my little life again. It is for the Listerias from eating bad ice creams in 2014. 

I need a pulmonary specialist evidently it is in the lungs now – that and the 7 cancers they got the prostrate one but don’t know what to do with the others especially all the cancer in my bones – no bone marrow transplants will work the bone cancer doctor said. But my cancer doctor thinks I can live with that for a while and we’ll see. 

So I am cheered up a bit today. 

How are you all? Haven’t talked in a while and I love your little messages they bring me great cheer! Thanks, me

Posted on January 6, 2017 Friday Afternoon about 3 p.m. my time.


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