“”Is it all talk and fantasy or is it real?” “By kerasotes””

“Is it all talk and fantasy or is it real?”

Tonight is the Full Moon and it has just come up here and is beautiful. It is 7:10 P.M. my time here. It is cold and getting colder and I’ve had a day. I got a lot of work done for a friend who wants his friend to get his movie made by Hollywood. So I wrote a lot of letters and introductions and emails and enclosed photographs and links and my wiki page about me my dad our family and our family businesses and such and if that doesn’t get him in to see the CEO or President or Exec of a Studio, nothing will. Of course I told him to tell them hello and give them my regards and that I’ve moved away from Springfield and that my family is all dead but me and then to give them our or my thanks for helping us all those 100 + years that we made our billions of dollars from. Isn’t that nice of me. 

Then I took myself out for a lunch I’ve been oodling over – chicken fried steak at Wendy’s Breakfast and Luncheon Cafe not Wendy’s the fast food place. It was delicious and Wendy was nice as usual and we had a nice chat and time and I loved the meal that i have been drooling over ever since I saw the firemen eat it weeks ago. Oh well. Now I know why they liked it. The hash browns were crisp on the outside and buttery inside. The steak was thick and juicy and crisp and the sauce was like bisquits and gravey sauce and delicious. I told her so. Even the Rye buttered bread was fab or delicious and I really liked my lunch.

Then I went shopping for things at the store that stay in me and don’t bleed me and stopped by the pharmacy to see if they’d talk to an attorney if I signed a form and they said yes they would if it were faxed to them. Our dear manager friend Kim who went through all the ice cream listeria stuff has moved to Lynnwood by the Edmonds College and I haven’t seen her and told them that if they saw her to tell her hello. She was kind and nice and helped us so very much during the first few weeks and months and then years of the pain and the horrors of getting 8 and a 1/2 death sentences plus the 20 other ones during radiation. We all remarked on the fact that I am alive still and how strong my will is to live and that that alone is keeping me going and keeping me alive and how tired of it I am and we all agreed. That was also nice. These doctors and pharmacists have been there for me since the day before Christmas 2014 when the Snoqualmie Ice Cream People called to say I (or should I write ‘we’) would die for Christmas 2014. Isn’t it amazing how people remember and are still kind and routing for you and hoping you will live. I thought so. I hope you do too.

Other than that I’ve been reading my books. I like the Agatha Christie Book Murder Mystery that Miss Jane Marple Solves So Well! I am about at page 50 where Michael said if the book hasn’t caught your attention by then abandon it. It has my attention and it is good. It is different than reading old Dune Books that Michael didn’t get to read. 

Oh well! I guess that’s it for the night! You all have a pleasant evening and wonderful day tomorrow. I wonder what it will bring and when I will see my friend and his attorney and his movie making friend and meet his old boss Paul Allen of Microsoft, Michael’s other friend Bill Gates’s Company that he left in 2000. So much for wondering and waiting to see if things come true or are they just talk!

Good Night You All & Sweet Dreams !!!!!

With my kindest regards,

Your Friend, me.

Posted on January 12, 2017 Thursday Night – Night of the Full Moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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